Green Power EMC landfill gas projects

As we saw, ESG’s Pecan Row Landfill Gas Facility flash flyer quotes Jeff Pratt, President of Green Power EMC, who said this is Green Power EMC’s third landfill energy project. Curiously, Green Power EMC’s Landfill Gas Project page doesn’t list the other two, and its FAQ is apparently out of date, saying “Currently, our one landfill gas-to-electricity projects generate a combined four megawatts of power.” However, the other two appear to be:

  1. Hickory Ridge Landfill in Conley, GA, except that one doesn’t seem to involve Green Power EMC. Erin Voegele wrote for Biomass Magazine, 11 Feb 2009. Global Energy announces Georgia landfill gas project
    Global Energy Systems, a subsidiary of the diversified renewable energy company Global Energy Holdings Group Inc., recently announced it has acquired the right to purchase landfill gas produced at the Conley, Ga.-based Hickory Ridge landfill, which is owned and operated by Republic Services Inc.
  2. Taylor County Landfill, Mauk, GA, may be the location of both the first and second Green Power EMC gas to electricity projects. Veolia PR carried by Business Wire 27 June 2012, Georgia’s Largest Landfill Gas to Electricity Project Opens in Taylor County
    “Green Power EMC is excited to continue our partnership with EDI at the Taylor County Landfill,” stated Jeff Pratt, President of Green Power EMC. “Our first energy purchase began in 2003 at the Taylor County Landfill resulting in the entry of Georgia’s cooperatives into the renewable energy market. This 4 MW expansion brings Green Power EMC’s portfolio of renewables to over 28 MWs. Green Power EMC is actively pursuing successful approaches to increasing the supply of renewable energy for Georgia’s EMC members.”
    Ah, yes, Green Power EMC’s own Report Card identifies
    A landfill methane gas to electric generating station located at Charing in Taylor County, Georgia. The landfill owner/operator is Allied Waste Management. Initial generating capacity is 4.0 megawatts. Online since October 2003.