More Valdosta wastewater correspondence

Some interesting questions have come up in Gabe Fisher's continuing correspondence with the City of Valdosta about sewage in his back yard and under his house, while City Council Tim Carroll continues to respond, both copying a long list of people.

From: Gabe Fisher
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 14:23:12 -0500

All, I appreciate the update on where the city stands on moving the sewer all together—I just wish we had been kept informed of the plans over the last 4 years. Living with the *real* threat of flooding is stressful enough, add in the guaranteed associated sewage spill is more than I can handle.

I also appreciate the city workers spreading lime and working on the sewer line behind my house today. But I have questions—What about the sewage in my yard and under my house? Is this my responsibility?

Thanks, Gabe

Tim Carroll responded with a couple of suggestions:

From: Tim Carroll
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 22:16:34 +0000


In case you have not already done so…..go into the city website and sign up for the city newsletter. It will give you frequent updates on what is going on.

I am assuming with your email that you are not aware of the KVLB clean-up effort scheduled for this Saturday on Meadowbrook. Anyone interested in volunteering please check it out.

In regards to sanitation picking up piles of debris- they are coming. We only have so many crews and they still have to cover the regular routes.

Let me also take this opportunity to update all on recent developments-

The city has learned of FEMA funds being made available for watershed studies. Mr. Hanson and his team submitted a comprehensive request on this via the Army Corp of Eng for a drainage basin study yesterday.

Much of the information is from our application and appeal back in 2009, but now includes data from our most recent flood event.

I will be presenting this information to WWALS tomorrow evening in Adel to solicit their support. WWALS is a river advocacy group concentrating on rivers located within our watershed.

The county and city have reached an agreement on holding another SPLOST referendum in November. The WWTP was the largest item on the list from last year, but with the denial from FEMA this past August- we now know all funding will have to come from SPLOST. Consequently it will leave only enough funds to address other infrastructure needs but no quality of life projects such as parks or auditoriums. Both the city and county will finalize up the details of the list soon and begin making it available for public comment and input. I have heard from several citizens regarding the project list already.


Councilman Tim Carroll
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That cleanup sounds like a fine idea, however KLVB doesn't list it in its upcoming events nor in its calendar. There is a KLVB board meeting coming up 18 March 2013; maybe somebody could suggest they update their online information. The City of Valdosta does not have this event in its calendar, but it did post this event today under Top Stories, Post Flood Cleanup, Saturday, March 16,

VOUNTEERS NEEDED for Post-Flood Neighborhood Cleanup

Click here to download flyer

KLVB seems to have slightly adapted a flyer for their April Great American Cleanup event, but this March event starts at 2410 Meadowbrook Dr., a few doors from Gabe Fisher's house. Follow the link for details.

And Gabe Fisher has another question:

From: Gabe Fisher
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 10:58:35 -0400


Gabe Fisher, 2420 Meadowbrook again.. It has been 11 days since the water receded and the huge pile of sewage infested debris we raked up and pulled to the street is still in my front yard! When can I expect the city to come pick this up? Why wasn't this high priority?? And why am I having to reach out to the city about this? Why haven't you reached out to me?


I think that's a very good question. Why do citizens of Valdosta or Lowndes County or other local cities have to keep nagging their local governments just to find out what's going on? Why does a city council member have to get involved in single cases like this to get information to citizens? What if our local governments deployed issue tracking systems? See next post.