Augusta high tech job growth: second in the country

What is Augusta doing that attracts so many high tech jobs?

Orlando Montoya wrote for GPB News 7 December 2012, Augusta High Tech Ranks Nationally,

A national group working to promote entrepreneurship says Augusta has the second highest growth rate of high tech jobs in the past five years.

Only Boise, Idaho grew tech jobs faster.

San Francisco based Engine Advocacy says between 2006 and 2011, Augusta increased its technology sector jobs by 81%.

City officials credit the area’s low cost of living.

If that was the only key, Lowndes County and Valdosta MSA would lead the country…. What else?

Sue Parr of the Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce says the region also has several medical facilities and military installations that produce jobs requiring advanced degrees.

“We have a large number of hospitals and health care providers here in our community that are transitioning and needing to increase their capacities for technology,” Parr says.

Once again, not a lot different from Lowndes County.

Augusta-Richmond County recently started a “collaboration center” to promote high tech job growth.

Parr credits medical and military jobs plus growth a call center for New Jersey based ADP.

So far as I know we don’t have a collaboration center, although we do have a couple of companies doing telephone call-related work.

So what is the difference? Some thoughts on that in later posts. What do you think?