VDT on Foxborough v. McDonalds

It looks like the strategy I recommended to the Foxborough opponents to McDonalds worked: go to the County Commission work session and you may get in the newspaper. Kay Harris writes in the VDT about Issues with development, Neighborhood upset about commercial encroachment:
According to Vince Schneider, the spokesman for the residents, the majority of the neighborhood is opposed to the possibility of a McDonald’s restaurant openin g there. The property is currently listed with Lowndes County as owned by First State Bank, but the county engineer, Mike Fletcher, confirmed Monday at the Lo wndes County Board of Commissioners work session that he has received a plat fo r the proposed development.

Schneider appeared before commissioners at the work session to request they rec onsider the commercial zoning in the area.

Many of the residents only found out aboout the proposed McDonalds from a cryptic mention by Kay Harris in the VDT a few weeks ago. Naturally, the VDT ends the current story on a note of finality:
Chairman Ashley Paulk reminded Schneider that since the zoning is already in pl ace, the issue will not come before the commission for a vote. As long as the o wners comply with the county zoning regulations, including setbacks, easements, buffers, etc., there is little the county can do as the property has been zone d for commercial use for many years.
Indeed, Vince Schneider already knew that. However, Commissioners have told the various county departments to cooperate with Foxborough residents in supplying whatever information they need. That’s a benefit for the county right there.

And of course this is not the end of the story regarding McDonalds. Foxborough residents continue to organize. Ashley Paulk also told the residents the same thing I did: their best bet is to get McDonalds to agree to relocate. Stay tuned.


PS: I’m for stores in neighborhoods that serve the neighborhood. I don’t see how a McDonalds drawing traffic off I-75 onto the entrance of the neighborhood does that.