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This gang movement —Barbara Stratton

Received yesterday on People, citizens with the same rights as everyone else, being intimidated and bullied –Jeff, another in a series of opinion pieces. -jsq

Please note this comment left on the You Tube video by acon4awhile (I guess this means a conservative for a while. Could this be one of the “Blue Republicans” who have jumped parties to try to get Ron Paul nominated because the Democrats like his promise to legalize drugs and other liberal interests? Good possibility since I first linked to the Blue Republican web site from one of his posts.)

“There’s 2/3rds needed to close the debate over the slate, but just 50% + 1 to pass the slate. So where does this lead? Making people wait so long they have to leave and then vote on the slate that already passed?? I’m assuming there can be a motion to amend the slate passed once some of the original majority have to leave, adhering to a filibuster. I guess we could have been more aggressive, but could have been just as successful. We got 14/28 district and 8/22 state for Ron Paul that day.” acon4awhile in reply to acon4awhile (Show the comment) 1 day ago

This comment speaks for itself. The intent was

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People, citizens with the same rights as everyone else, being intimidated and bullied –Jeff


We have another response to Interesting voting at Lowndes County Republican Convention Delegate Meeting. Jeff blogged on WOW! Lowndes County Republican Delegate Meeting Video:

…What you will see in this short video is people, citizens with the same rights as everyone else, being intimidated and bullied at what is supposed to be a meeting that has rules and procedures in place to ensure fairness and due process. I will be the first one to admit, this video is a wake up call to me that I need to have a better understanding of these rules and procedures. One does not have to have a full working knowledge of the rules and procedures to see what is happening in this video. There are a few at this meeting (some are newbies to this process) that obviously disagree with the majority and the majority do not like it one bit! At this point I would like to point out that it would have been proper if those that were experienced would have been nicer and appreciate the fact that other people in the community are getting involved, as we all should, and taken the opportunity to help them understand procedures. Instead they do their best to ridicule and make them feel uncomfortable….

I don’t think the reaction of those that were guilty of using such tactics was because these people were Ron Paul supporters. I believe they would have responded exactly the same to anyone that had the audacity to question or challenge them, to not just sit there like good little zombies and go along with whatever they said. You see, that is where the real problem lies. Those with power or authority have either been corrupted by that power and authority or believe

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If the “establishment” had wished to…. –Barbara Stratton

Received yesterday on Interesting voting at Lowndes County Republican Convention Delegate Meeting. -jsq

What the video does not say is the Ron Paul people have been crashing all GOP conventions nationwide & they have been encouraged to create confusion & stalling in the hopes regular GOP delegates have to leave for other commitments & they can then vote themselves in as delegates. Ron Paul cannot win the GOP nomination so they are attempting to hijack the system to put their delegates in hoping to be able to vote for RP at the national convention. Whether or not one agrees with their methods the fact is at the Lowndes County GOP Convention the RP people were clearly outnumbered by what they call the establishment (those who pay dues & work all year for the party). If the “establishment” had wished to do so we could have out voted them on each and every individual delegate position so that they had zero delegates. Instead they were generously allowed a more than fair number of delegate slots in an effort to have a compromise. If there appears to be some impatience from those in charge it was because the RP participants were not cognitive of the fact they were arguing a moot point that could have gone against them if pursued. The video also does not tell you that some of the RP Libertarian values are so attractive to liberal Democrats that a large group of Democrats have joined the RP forces, calling themselves Blue Republicans, in an effort to aid the RP hijacking of the GOP conventions. The RP participants are aware of these Blue Republicans because they communicate with & encourage each other. I have spoken with RP delegates who participated in the county convention who agreed that they could have been totally shut out for delegate nominations per the number ratio. I’m confused about from who & why this video is surfacing now when the convention was back in March and at least some of the more intelligent RP participants acknowledged they were treated more fairly than could have been the outcome. In hind sight many wish they had encouraged individual voting to be pursued, thus eliminating all RP delegates, since the compromise was not appreciated.

-Barbara Stratton

I must have missed any answers to the questions raised in the video. As for when the video “surfaced”, YouTube says it was posted 11 March 2012. Apparently some “establishment” Republicans find certain RP positions, such as against NDAA, attractive. Or maybe there are issues that transcend party labels. That could be why “establishment” Republican Barbara and liberal Democrat jsq collaborate in LAKE.


NDAA does not protect US citizens from detention without due process –Barbara Stratton

Received today on What about NDAA? Questions for Austin Scott in Tift County. -jsq

I did not stay for the luncheon with Austin Scott because I’ve had conversations with him already. The question in this video on NDAA does need to be addressed. Every legislator who voted for the bill that included sections 1021 & 1022 needs to either encourage legislation to repeal or correct these sections or be replaced.

However the Ron Paul supporters do not have a corner on dissatisfation with NDAA. Ron Paul has stated that he will fix everything wrong with the country. I would be more trusting of his statements if they allowed that he will have to work with Congress to fix problems instead of inferring he can totally accomplish change on his own. Gary Johnson is running on the Libertarian platform also. Neither of them can win the GOP nomination without upstaging the delegate voting process and both are running on almost identical platforms. Are they both going to vie for the GOP spot over Romney or will one or both pull off to run as a third party candidate?

Back to the NDAA question—KrisAnne Hall is a constitutional lawyer who has detailed sections 1021 and 1022 and verified the same conclusion I did when I asked Saxby Chambliss why he voted for the bill back in December. It does not protect US citizens from detention without due process and she details why. She will be speaking at the Valdosta Tea Party meeting Thursday night, April 26, 7:00 at the Holiday Inn on Hwy 84. Hopefully she will also have updates on what is being done to correct this injustice. We do need to let our senators and representatives know we are expecting an amendment to correct this travesty against us or we will fight to see they are defeated for their crimes against the Constitution.

-Barbara Stratton

Hey, I’m a Democrat, and I’ve been opposed to NDAA, FISAA, for many years now. -jsq

Interesting voting at Lowndes County Republican Convention Delegate Meeting

Some Ron Paul supporters videoed the reading of results for votes in Lowndes County for delegates to the Republican National Convention. One of the people up front asked incredulously:

You're trying to copy them all?

As the video notes:

A copy wouldn't be too much to ask would it?

Curiously, the video also omits the actual list of names.

The moderator asked for those opposed to accepting the delegate slate for one district to stand up. Several people did. A loud complaint was heard:

For what purpose?

Um, because you asked if there was any opposition?

There's more, involving attempts to amend to add other delegates "that's gonna be a problem", requests for a count that it's not clear is ever taken, at least one person raising his hand and then having to ask whether hands were for or against, etc.

Here's the video:

The video says they were supposed to have a 2/3 majority to adopt the slate of delegates, and it doesn't look like they got it. Yet it was declared passed:

It's passed. It's done. No more discussion.


What about NDAA? Questions for Austin Scott in Tift County

Somebody else asks elected representatives questions and posts videos. Here some Ron Paul supporters ask Austin Scott (R GA-08), our upcoming Congressional representative unless somebody defeats him, questions about NDAA ( H.R. 1540: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012) and drones at a Tift County meeting. Scott asked to see a copy of the passages they were asking about, but then the meeting conveniently ended before they could get it to him. In the video they include a quote of the relevant text, which doesn’t say what Scott said it says.

Here’s the video:

I especially like the guy afterwards complaining:

It’s the way you say things; you can’t do that!

They sounded pretty polite to me. I guess what they can’t do is ask questions about laws elected representatives voted on.