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Developers refused to budge and Commissioners caved: Glen Laurel

Should the County Commission approve rezoning for a subdivision just because developers say they won’t compromise any more?

Bill Nijem presented Moody and schools nearby and the proposed house price as arguments for the Glen Laurel subdivision, plus county services, which, remember, were put in for them to use. This was after Pine Grove Elementary closed and moved farther away.

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Put there for us to use —Barbara Herring

Should developers drive the extension of county services, or should there be a planning process that takes other factors into account? The Glen Laurel rezoning case suggests that developers drive the process now.

Speaking for the Glen Laurel subdivision were Bill Nijem and Barbara Herring. She described the original layout as “a very efficient layout”. She said they redesigned it and added a park in the middle and other green space in addition to natural vegetation.

All the neighbors on the outside wouldn’t be able to see into it very well.
She said they also increased the lot sizes, but they did not change the road plan.

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Density and traffic

A retired Air Force veteran weighed in, asserting that new subdivisions need to be compatible and consistent with homes already in the area, and Glen Laurel would cause a lot of traffic and drive land values down.
In the long run, as far as Lowndes County is concerned, do you feel in your hearts that this is going to enhance Lowndes County as a place to come and live and enjoy?

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Whose responsibility is it after the developers are gone?

A landowner directly across from Glen Laurel pointed out that all the other subdivisions on Old Pine Road also connect to another street, so there are two ways in and out, but Glen Laurel does not. She said the photographs they submitted were of Blue Pool, Callaway Circle, and Hamilton Circle, which are all subdivisions that were developed as affordable housing for first-time homeowners, yet the houses are now in sad shape. She wondered whose responsibility is it to maintain the entrance after the developers are gone? Is it the homeowners association? This is basically the same question Mr. Mulligan asked, which Chairman Ashley Paulk answered with code enforcement.

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Small lot size means more traffic —Ms. Zaun

A landowner (probably Glynda Faye Zaun) between Old Pine Road and Mulligan Road says if all those little houses are built her property values will decrease, and she’ll be surrounded by 94 little homes that will generate too much traffic.
I am not against growth. Growth is beneficial to every community; I recognize that. But it should be constructed in a way that is beneficial and pleasing to everyone and not just to the developers or the ones who want to make a lot of money quick and then leave.

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Lot size and code enforcement on Old Pine Road, 8 June 2010

Ashley Paulk said he is code enforcement! Let’s go back a year to the rezoning of Old Pine Road on 8 June 2010, as an example of how some things fit together around here. First a bit more about lot size, and then code enforcement and traffic.

Commissioner Richard Lee wanted to know if Coy Brightwell was the spokesperson for the people against. Brightwell said some others would also speak, but R-10 was the closest to a quarter acre lot, and that’s what they were for.

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Lot size and code enforcement on Old Pine Road, 8 June 2010 Part 1 of 3:
Rezoning REZ-2010-06, Glen Laurel, Old Pine Rd,
Regular monthly meeting of the Lowndes County Commission (LCC)
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 8 June 2010,
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman and John S. Quarterman
for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.

A Mr. Mulligan of Bemiss Road wanted to know A Mr. Mulligan of Bemiss Road wanted to know

Who develops these plans, the county, or the developer?
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Glen Laurel and Comparable Subdivisions

An interesting series of exchanges here. First Coy Brightwell compared the proposed Glen Laurel subdivision (on Old Pine Road) to the existing Greyfield subdivision (off Oak Street Extension) with a number of specific points: run down quickly, rental property, etc.:

Then a Mr. Mulligan gets into an interesting discussion about code enforcement: Continue reading

Glen Laurel Rezoning

Coy Brightwell, 3937 Old Pine Rd The Glen Laurel Subdivision rezoning case that the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners decided on Tuesday June 8 (REZ-2010-06) raises all sorts of issues. Let’s start by hearing Coy Brightwell (he lives just across Old Pine Road from the proposed subdivision) summarize some points against the rezoning, saying going all the way from RA to PD is too far, and that the neighbors are asking for a compromise:

There’s a theme here: “we’re not against development”. We’ll come back to that.