Pine Grove Elementary Closing

Let’s run hear the principal:

Playing and talking

Principal Mrs. Mickie Fisher MCs a picnic on the grounds of Pine Grove Elementary (PGE) to celebrate its 140 years of operation before it moves to its new location. The last day of classes is Wednesday. First, hear former prinicpal Reuben Jenkins, Clerk or Courts Sara Crow, and especially the PGE Chorus:


Principal Fisher said the original school was built in 1870. I knew that was at the previous location, which was somewhere around maybe River Road. I didn’t know when it was moved, which was 1940. Of course, none of the buildings that were there when I was there are still there. The only thing that’s the same is the big oak out front. You can see it behind the pole and building in this picture of the crowd:


Former Principal Mr. Reuben Jenkins spoke:

I think he was principal some of the many years my mother, Laura Quarterman, taught there. Mr. Jenkins talks about Mr. Jefferson, who mowed the grounds on a snapper riding mower. Thanks to his son, Robert Jefferson, for alerting me to this picnic.

Former student Sara Crow spoke; she’s the Lowndes County Clerk of Courts and running for re-election:

PGE Chorus Director Mrs. Larkin introduced the Chorus, who sang:

There’s more in the YouTube playlist.

Nobody seems to know what will happen to the school buildings. There’s talk of trying to sell or rent them to Moody AFB. I think the cafeteria would make a fine community center. With day care facilities:


Text, pictures, and videos by John S. Quarterman, Pine Grove Elementary, Lowndes County, Georgia, 14 May 2010.

4 thoughts on “Pine Grove Elementary Closing

  1. Sheena Haynes

    I cant believe that they are closing the school. I started there and my momma was working in the lunchroom and there are alot of great memories of that school. But my momma is so excited that they will be working in a new school!

  2. micheal thompson

    Wow its been a long time I can remember as a child playing around the old oak thqat used to be there and my grandady and granny used to live in the white house that was on the property. My uncle mr Jefferson was the custodian and drove a bus back a long time ago. he has sinse past on. I will always have great memories of pine grove. we will miss you very much.

  3. Donna Strickland

    This is sad to me..My three sons went to this school and now my grandson is there..Many good memorys there.Donna strickland

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