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County’s website: Reapportionment maps

Since we posted the Reapportionment maps obtained Tuesday evening, the county has posted PDF versions of this same information on their own website. Copies are on the LAKE website and appended below. I’ve added HTML tables of the statistics.
VAP is Voting-Age Population.


Commission Explansion Update

At the December 13, 2011, meeting of the Lowndes County Board of Continue reading

Reapportionment maps, Lowndes County, 13 December 2011

Here are the new County Commission District maps that the Commission just agreed on tonight for reapportionment due to the new census and population changes in the county. These are the districts that will be used for next year’s County Commission elections.

These documents were obtained by John S. Quarterman for LAKE from County Manager Joe Pritchard by asking the County Commission during Citizens Wishing to Be Heard at their Regular Session of 13 December 2011.

I made a little list of requests, and the County Manager fulfilled all of them. I’m convinced this demonstrates that Joe Pritchard is indeed typecast as Santa Claus.


Redistricting meeting tonight, and videos so far

Remember the redistricing meeting tonight, 5-7PM Tuesday 24 May 2011 in the Brooks Hall Conference Center of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

Videos of all the redistricting meetings are going up on legis.ga.gov shortly after they are taken. The one from Savannah is up now.

Those are the videos taken by the reapportionment committee itself. Any videos LAKE takes will go on YouTube as usual.


PS: Location of the videos so far owed to RJ Hadley.