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Plymouth Rock n Ride, Sunday 20 November —Matt Portwood

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A group of local cyclists collected over 60 food items and over 200 clothing items while riding in the Plymouth Rock-n-Ride Charity Bicycle Ride on Sunday November 20th. The cyclists rode to various checkpoints throughout Valdosta featuring different challenges to be completed. The group also visited grocery store checkpoints to buy a variety of food items for a local charity. The riders then delivered the food and clothing donations to the Saint Francis Center Ministry Outreach program on Mary Street. Prizes from local sponsors (Red Door Records, Western Auto, Valdosta Bike Center and Salem Records) were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 13th place finishers in the ride.


How about some bike racks? —Matt Portwood @ VCC 10 November 2011

Matt Portwood told Thursday’s Valdosta City Council meeting that since his last address to the Council was so well received this time he brought friends (such as Heather Evans, who had just spoken) and an ally in the front row ( Roy Taylor, who spoke first) This time he asked for bike racks. If City Hall had one outside, their bicycles wouldn’t have been locked to the front step railing.

Here’s the video:

—Matt Portwood @ VCC 10 November 2011
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Regular Session, Valdosta City Council (VCC),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 10 November 2011.
Videos by George Boston Rhynes for K.V.C.I., the bostongbr on YouTube.


And I feel like there’s somebody meddling in their affairs; I wish they wouldn’t have. —Ashley Paulk @ LCC 7 November 2011

As previously noted, Chairman Ashley Paulk last night told Matt Portwood he didn’t think the Lowndes County Commission should be meddling in school affairs. Here’s the part the VDT didn’t quote:
And I feel like there’s somebody meddling in their affairs; I wish they wouldn’t have.
That’s pretty interesting considering that Brittany D. McClure reported for the VDT 4 November 2011 that FVCS makes campaign contributions public:
Ashley Paulk, Lowndes County Commission chairman contributed $200
So it’s not like the public doesn’t already know Ashley Paulk’s opinion on this subject, and it seems he was reminding us of it: he contributed money to FVCS, a group actively lobbying to prevent the school consolidation promoted by CUEE.

Chairman Paulk also noted:

We do have county residents who live in the city.
Seems like he’s confusing two excuses for the Commissioners not speaking about school consolidation: Continue reading