School Consolidation: Chairman Ashley Paulk responds to Matt Portwood

The VDT this morning left out all the best parts of last night’s exchange between Matt Portwood and Lowndes County Commission Chairman Ashley Paulk. We’ll have the video up shortly so you can see for yourself.

The question:

“Reading the news, I found that both school boards and the City Council have come out with either a statement or a resoultion with their stance on school consolidation. I’m just curious why there hasn’t been a statement or resolution from you,” said Portwood.

The VDT’s version of the answer:

“Look at your tax notes. It says county taxes and school taxes,” replied Paulk. We’re two totally different entities than the county school system. I don’t feel like we should be meddling in their affairs. I don’t think the County Commission should be weighing in on the city issue. Commissioners agreed that this was their stance on the matter.”
More in a bit.