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Students Compete in the Local Hog Show

Gretchen went to the weigh-in yesterday, and will be at the show today. Pictures and videos to come.

According to Lowndes County Schools 28 October 2011, Students Compete in the Local Hog Show:

One hundred-thirty youngsters from Echols, Lanier, and Lowndes counties are registered to exhibit their hogs in the 34th Annual Lowndes Area Market Show and Sale, to be held on Tuesday, November 1st. These elementary, middle, and high school students are members of either local 4H or FFA organizations.

The Show will be held at the Lowndes County Civic Center, with judging of weight divisions beginning at 5:00 PM. Hogs will be judged according to market standards for providing the best pork possible. Showmanship classes will follow, where the students will be evaluated for their success in exhibiting their animal.


What are they going to put for a buffer for farms at Nottinghill —Calvin Marshall @ LCC 12 July 2011

Neighboring landowner demolishes developers’ arguments; explains agriculture to Lowndes County Comission.

Neighboring landowner Calvin Marshall, speaking against rezoning for REZ-2011-10 Nottinghill, said neighbors,

“We’re not interested in a Bluepool, We’re not interested in a Chatham Place. And we’re certainly not interested in what they built out on Val Del Road. We’ve also looked at what they’ve done with Old Pine, and we’re definitely not interested in that, either. Too small lots, small homes.”
That last one is presumably Glen Laurel, which had a roomful of neighbors opposing it last year.

Calvin Marshall asked for the Commissioners to deny the Nottinghill rezoning request.

He also asked:

“The other thing that we asked the developer … what you going to do about the neighbors that have got a farm on each side? What kind of buffer are you going to put there?

We farm that land, we grow crops, we run cows, we run goats, we run hogs, and we’re going to continue to do that.

We don’t have an answer as to what they’re going to do for a buffer.”

Calvin Marshall continued with the economic argument:

“There’s three or four generations of property owners in this room tonight. These people go back for three or four generations. And these people have worked hard.
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