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Gigabit fiber Internet from Vermont Telephone Company: half the price of Google fiber

BroadbandVT.org logo Tiny Vermont demonstrates that the Internet access most telephone and cable companies are selling us is way overpriced for way too little speed.

Look Out Google Fiber, $35-A-Month Gigabit Internet Comes to Vermont (by Shalini Ramachandran for WSJ 26 April 2013)

Heads up Google GOOG +1.94% Fiber: A rural Vermont telephone company might just have your $70 gigabit Internet offer beat.

1,000 Mbps

Vermont Telephone Co. (VTel), whose footprint covers 17,500 homes in the Green Mountain State, has begun to offer gigabit Internet speeds for $35 a month, using a brand new fiber network. So far about 600 Vermont homes have subscribed.

Even more interesting:

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