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Twice the acreage than solar for Sabal Trail pipeline to produce the same power @ FERC 2014-03-05

According to Sabal Trail’s own numbers, twice as much land for the entire three-pipeline Spectra -> Sabal -> FSC proposed gouge through three states as would be required to produce as much solar power.

STT’s solar acreage estimates from their Draft Resource Report 10: Alternatives (RR10) of November 2013, Continue reading

Videos: Moultrie FERC Scoping Meeting @ FERC 2014-03-05

Here are videos of the whole thing.

Updated 31 March 2014: Who stood up.
Updated 4 June 2014: Fixed video links.

Not only did Colquitt County pass a resolution about pipeline depth; a County Commissioner the county attorney stood up and reminded FERC about it, which got John Peconom to admit that FERC has required a deeper minimum pipeline depth in some other states.

So far that’s speaking against the pipeline:

Only one of those county commissions claims there’s nothing you can do; the rest are all doing something.

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