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Where is the speed zone ordinance? @ LCC 2011-01-10

Lowndes County won’t install speed control devices: policy or ordinance or “decision”, by whom and when? And where is the speed zone ordinance they passed in January 2011, according to the Work Session Minutes of 10 January 2011:

Adoption of the Revised Speed Zone Ordinance,

County Engineer, Mike Fletcher, presented the Commission with a revised speed zone ordinance in accordance with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) requirements. Mr. Fletcher added that 2 once approved, staff would send the document back to GDOT for execution. Commissioner Evans questioned the speed limit on Boring Pond Road. Mr. Fletcher explained that since the road has been paved, the new ordinance will allow for the new speed to be posted at 45 mph and 55 mph. Mr. Fletcher added that prior to the road being paved, the speed limit was 35 mph. Commissioner Raines asked if the document was a county ordinance. Mr. Fletcher replied yes, adding while the county can make certain recommendations, GDOT prepares the draft in accordance with their regulations.

Chairman Paulk asked Mr. Fletcher to provide those in attendance with a short explanation of speed control devices. Mr. Fletcher explained that in the 1990’s a previous Commission made the decision that speed control devices would not be allowed on county roads due to maintenance and safety issues. Mr. Fletcher added that over time that decision has become policy.

Commissioner Powell stated he had received a request from citizens to increase the speed limit on portions of Old Clyattville Road to 55 mph. Mr. Fletcher replied that due to the curb and gutter installed on the road, he would not recommend it. Mr. Fletcher added he would be glad to check with GDOT to see what the state’s recommendation might be. Commissioner Powell asked Mr. Fletcher to move forward with contacting GDOT.

When “in the 1990’s” was this Commission decision made? In which minutes can we see the vote and the text of this decision?

And how is policy made? By the Commission in an open meeting, or by the staff at some unspecified “over time”?

Plus, where is this speed zone ordinance?


Special assessment: ordinance or policy? @ LCC 2011-01-10

Ordinance or policy? In the Work Session Minutes of 10 January 2011 the special assessment rate is set “in accordance with Lowndes County’s financial policies”:

Special Assessment Rate for 2011,

Finance Director, Stephanie Black, presented the proposed special assessment rate at 5.25% (two percent above prime), in accordance with Lowndes County’s financial policies. Commissioner Raines asked if the rate would fluctuate through the year in the event the prime rate adjusted. Ms. Black answered that the county is required to set the rate annually so the actual prime rate would not be considered again until the beginning of next year.

Yet yesterday she said:

“It’s just always been set at 2% above prime. I believe it’s in your ordinance.”

Which is it, a policy or an ordinance? Maybe it’s a policy set in an ordinance. If so, which ordinance? Is it one of the dozen on the county’s website or is it one of the many more that are not?


PS: Owed to Jane Osborn.

Work Session Minutes @ LCC 2011-01-10

Ordinance or policy? That question comes up for at least two items, Special assessment and Speed control devices, in the minutes of the 10 January 2011 Work Session of the Lowndes County Commission. -jsq

Monday, January 10, 2011
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