Agenda 21

Pretty much everyone I know (regardless of political party, religion, or financial status) likes clean air, clean water, and clean food, and being able to use their own property without having fossil fuel corporations gouge a pipeline through it. Most people don’t like their property flooded or polluted or having their tax dollars going to […]

Georgia statehouse and the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points (aka “Agenda 21”)

Somebody wrote me a week or two ago: I saw in todays paper Chip Rogers and other Senate leadership was changed yesterday. Thank goodness! Well, don't cheer too soon. According to Jim Galloway in the AJC 15 November 2012, "Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock withdrew his re-election bid and endorsed Ronnie Chance of […]

Who’s behind the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points (aka “Agenda 21”)

ALEC’s “our state legislators” are promoting the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points at the Georgia state capitol. But ALEC doesn’t seem to be the source of those talking points. Who is? Follow the money: who stands to benefit the most by obstructing public transportation, fuel efficiency, and renewable energy? The fossil fuel companies, especially big oil. […]

ALEC and the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points (aka “Agenda 21”)

Why do I keep associating the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points with ALEC? Because ALEC's "our state legislators" were promoting them at Georgia's Capitol.

The real U.N. Agenda 21

What is this Agenda 21 referred to by the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points movie shown at the Georgia statehouse? The real Agenda 21 is a typical U.N. set of do-good wishful thinking documents adopted at a U.N. conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. If you think it’s been successful in actually implementing sustainability, you […]

Anti-sustainability astroturf talking points (aka “Agenda 21”)

For many months I have been resisting requests from various people (both pro- and anti-sustainability) to write about Agenda 21. Why resist? Because I considered the anti-Agenda 21 campaign a distraction from real issues. Now that ALEC’s “our state legislators” have made Georgia an international laughingstock over it, I suppose it’s a big enough distraction […]

Content in today’s Industrial Authority agenda! @ VLCIA 2013-05-21

Names of projects! Lists of PR and marketing items! Is this a new trend from our Industrial Authority? Or will it be like the last time I complimented them on an agenda with content and was told later that one was an accident. Here’s the agenda. Sure, the project names are codewords, but that’s how […]

Tonight: Planning Commission Agenda @ GLPC 2012-05-21

The Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC) meets tonight. Here’s the agenda. The agenda was faxed by GLPC Chairman Bill Slaughter to Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, at her request; GLPC itself still doesn’t have agendas online, ten months after SGRC stopped posting them. There’s one rezoning case on the agenda, a county case: 2. REZ-2012-09 John […]

Videos: River Gauges, Roads, Alcohol, and Fire @ LCC 2019-10-21

Surprise bonds for the Development Authority and Lowndes County Schools, and a turn lane for Wiregrass Tech, plus a new Forestry Ranger about fire, in these LAKE videos of yesterday morning’s Lowndes County Commission Work Session. The longest item was five minutes about funding the Skipper Bridge Withlacoochee River USGS Gauge in addition to the […]

Packet: River Gauges, Roads, Alcohol, and Fire @ LCC 2019-10-21

Lowndes County is adding funding for the Skipper Bridge Road Withlacoochee River gauge to its traditional since 2009 funding of the Folsom Bridge GA 122 Little River gauge. That’s $8,300 and $14,200, respectively, with another $5,900 for the Skipper Bridge Gauge from the Suwannee River Water Management District. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) puts in […]