ALEC and the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points (aka “Agenda 21”)

Why do I keep associating the anti-sustainability astroturf talking points with ALEC? Because ALEC's "our state legislators" were promoting them at Georgia's Capitol.

ALEC logo Chip Rogers Two out of three of the Georgia legislators Jim Galloway named in Georgia's own 52-minute video on the ‘Agenda 21’ conspiracy, namely Chip Rogers and Barry Loudermilk, are associated with ALEC.

Senate Majority Leader (now former) Chip Rogers (R-21) has been ALEC's State Chaimran for Georgia and received ALEC's 2011 State Chair of the year Award. Surely you remember him! Rogers sponsored both misleading amendment 1 ("charter schools") and misleading amendment 2 ("multi-year contracts") on this year's ballot.

Barry Loudermilk Rep. Barry D. Loudermilk (R-14) is on ALEC's Telecommunications and Information Technology Task Force. How convenient that Loudermilk is the Secretary of the Georgia Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Committee!

So there is at least a convergence of ALEC's "our state legislators" and those pushing this anti-sustainability agenda. This is not surprising, since ALEC is opposed to clean, sustainable energy, as confirmed by ALEC's own attempt to rebut that point. A rebuttal that brought to light ALEC's phrase "our state legislators".

I see Loudermilk is a sponsor of a bill called the Georgia Government Accountability Act,

This article is meant to ensure that the valuable resources of the state are best utilized and that state agencies are held accountable for their service to the public and responsiveness to the needs of the citizens of this state.

Maybe the citizens of this state (or at least of Loudermilk's district) should elect somebody who is responsive to the needs of the citizens instead of to ALEC.

However, the specific anti-Agenda-21 and fake-Delphi-method talking points do not seem to appear in ALEC's copious resource documents. So where are they coming from?

Next: Who's behind it.


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