The application for the Quarterman Road rezoning, and more petition signatures against it @ LCC 2023-09-12

Update 2023-09-13: Lowndes County Commission denies Quarterman Road rezoning –VDT 2023-09-13.

We had to ask three times, but we finally got the application for the rezoning on Quarterman Road, REZ-2023-04.

Here is that application, and also three more signatures on the petition against the rezoning, plus an updated table of signers and addresses about a hundred of them.

We ask the Lowndes County Commissioners to do the same thing they did about the Miller Bridge rezoning and about the Dollar General resoning on Skipper Bridge: deny this one as well, because it, like them, is in an Agricultre-Forestry-Conservation Character Area, and the vast majority of nearby landowners and residents do not want it.

[Collage, more packet materials for REZ-2023-04 @ LCC 2023-09-12]
Collage, more packet materials for REZ-2023-04 @ LCC 2023-09-12

The application doesn’t tell us much we did not already know, other than that the property owner’s agent is Rodney Tenery, Address: 2621 U.S. Highway 84 East, Valdosta, GA. Mapquest says that is an address of Harris Surveying & Engineering.

[PROFESSIONAL TO CONTACT... Rodney Tenery Address: 2621 U.S. Highway 84 East]
PROFESSIONAL TO CONTACT… Rodney Tenery Address: 2621 U.S. Highway 84 East

So that’s two landowners and their agent, who want to rezone for 2.5-acre lots, out of character for the Agriculture-Forestry-Conservation Character Area of Quarterman Road, with its minimum 5-acre lots.

Signing the petition against the rezoning are almost all the other landowners and residents of Quarterman Road, as well as many in the nearby subdivision, and other interested parties, adding up to more than a hundred.

Here is the county staff’s own map from the board packet of the petition signers (except the three I sent the county today).

[For Visualization Purposes]
For Visualization Purposes

That map is a bit misleading because it does not include property lines, so you might think many people towards the north of the road did not sign. Nope, those are mostly large properties, whose owners did sign.

In yesterday morning’s Work Session, the County Planner said some people up that way own up to 150 acres. Actually, I own 192 acres, and my niece owns 234 acres. Perhaps he was confused by those acres being in several tracts. Also, Gretchen and I own the two tiny triangles adjoining us on the west side of the road, which add up to about 3 acres: she bought them to prevent anybody building houses on them. This is an illustration of the agriculture and forestry nature of Quarterman Road.

Lowndes County Commissioners: please deny this rezoning and preserve the Agriculture-Forestry-Conservation Character Area.


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