Videos: Quarterman Road rezoning recommended against, Mt. Zion Church Road for @ GLPC 2023-08-28

Update 2023-09-05: Please reject REZ-2023-04 2.5-acre rezoning on Quarterman Road –Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE 2023-08-28.

The Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC) voted 7:1 to recommend denial of the proposed E-A 2.5-acre-lot rezoning on Quarterman Road, in an agricultural and forestry area.

[Collage @ LCC 28 August 2023]
Collage @ LCC 28 August 2023

They unanimously voted to recommend approval of the R-21 half-acre-lot rezoning on Mt. Zion Church Road that is among numerous existing small lots.

In the first rezoning item, REZ-2023-04 on Quarterman Road, the County Planner mentioned that county staff had been unable to find any record of the previous (1980s) rezoning of the existing subdivision on Emily Lane west of Quarterman Road.

[County Planner: no record of subdivision rezoning REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
County Planner: no record of subdivision rezoning REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

Gretchen Quarterman, when she spoke against, noted that she had already looked through all the minute books for the relevant years, and there is no such record in them.

[Gretchen Quarterman: please deny REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Gretchen Quarterman: please deny REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

Thanks to the others who spoke against, Carolyn Selby,

[Carolyn Selby REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Carolyn Selby REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

and Paris Stoefller.

[Paris Stoeffler REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Paris Stoeffler REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

Thanks to the many people who signed the petition against this rezoning. LAKE will publish that petition soon, along with letters against.

Thanks to Lowndes County Commissioner Joyce Evans for attending and for looking through the opposition letters.

[Lowndes County Commissioner Joyce Evans REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Lowndes County Commissioner Joyce Evans REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

When I spoke against, I complimented the County Planner for showing the Planning Commission maps of all of Quarterman Road, unlike the maps that were in the board packet.

[John S. Quarterman: the whole road REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
John S. Quarterman: the whole road REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

But, as Gretchen noted, even when he showed a map of tract acreages, he still managed to omit Ferrell Scruggs’ 608.4 acres south of the road in parcel 0143 012 and Stalvey Farms West LLC (Tommy Stalvey)’s 111.02 acres directly east of the subject property in parcel 0142 009.

[Lot sizes REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Lot sizes REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

Planning Commissioner Chip Wildes spoke about the need to preserve and protect rural living, wildlife, and environment against subdivision for grandchildren, not “a huge mass of humanity” like Atlanta and the Atlantic coast of Florida.

[Chip Wildes moves to deny REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Chip Wildes moves to deny REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

“Rural areas and habitat are a precious thing,” he said. He moved to recommend denial.

Planning Commissioner Vicki Rountree seconded.

[Vicki Rountree seconded REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Vicki Rountree seconded REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

Planning Commissioner Franklin Bailey was concerned that the applicant could not get even one additional lot.

[Franklin Bailey one lot REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Franklin Bailey one lot REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

Planning Commissioner Steve Miller pointed out that the applicant could still sell the whole property.

[Steve Miller REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
Steve Miller REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

The vote was 7 to recommend denial.

[7 votes to deny REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
7 votes to deny REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

And only one, Franklin Bailey, against denial.

[1 vote against denial REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28]
1 vote against denial REZ-2023-04 2023-08-28

The irony: Chip Wildes is a City of Valdosta appointee, and Franklin Bailey is a Lowndes County appointee.

Below are links to LAKE videos of each agenda item, with a few notes by Gretchen Quarterman, followed by a LAKE video playlist.

See also the board packet and agenda.

Later I will post the letter Gretchen Quarterman sent on behalf of LAKE, which included a summary of the signatures on the petition against the rezoning, and images of the petition sheets.

Here’s a LAKE video playlist:

Videos: Quarterman Road rezoning recommended against, Mt. Zion Church Road for @ GLPC 2023-08-28
Regular Session, Greater Lowndes Planning Commission (GLPC), Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, Monday, August 28, 2023.
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE).


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