Budget and wood pellet farm –Adel City Council 2020-09-08

Adel staff answered extensive questions about the budget, in the Adel City Council meeting, Tuesday, August 8, 2020. The proposed wood pellet plant for export to Europe was criticised by several local citizens, and defended by members of local authorities and commissions, as well as its CEO, speaking from Houston, Texas, on a laptop screen.

Budget & Wood Pellet Plant @ Adel City Council 2020-09-08

Below are links to each LAKE video of each agenda item and each speaker, with a few notes. See also the agenda, and posts by WWALS Watershed Coalition: Adel wood pellet plant sourcing radius: entire Suwannee River basin in Georgia 2020-09-08, Adel agenda and WWALS letter 2020-09-08, and Wood pellet plant: speakers and documents @ Adel City Council 2020-09-08.

Here’s a LAKE video playlist:

Videos: Budget and wood pellet farm –Adel City Council 2020-09-08
Video by John S. Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Adel City Hall, Adel, Cook County, Georgia.


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