Sabal Trail destruction at Bell property, Mitchell Co., GA 2016-09-13

See for yourself what Jeb Bell was talking about to GPB, in these videos he sent of the destruction Sabal Trail is doing on his property. His father, James Bell, says it started immediately after a small protest Monday, and is plowing through gopher tortoise burrows, rare pitcher plants, large pine trees bulldozed and burned, and today within 300 yards of his house. James Bell the elder will be at the US 84 Withlacoochee River bridge 9AM this Saturday, September 17th 2016, to join the WWALS Watershed Coalition protest against Sabal Trail and the Dakota Access Pipeline, which are now owned by the same companies. That’s between Quitman and Valdosta, GA; see you there.

Sam Whitehead, GPB News, 15 September 2016, Sabal Trail Pipeline Plows Through Southwest Georgia, Local Opposition,

James “Jeb” Bell’s 100 acres of land in Mitchell County is typical southwest Georgia: groves of spindly pines patch open fields, cicadas whine, gnats bite.

“This ain’t a whole great pile of land, but it’s ours, and it’s been ours for 30 years,” said Bell stepping out of his pickup truck on a recent morning….

“I wrote them a letter within days of getting their first letter that said: ˜Stay off my land. I do not want this pipeline on my land,’” Bell said.

Bell had a litany of concerns ranging from the safety of living near a three-foot wide, highly pressurized pipeline to the impact the project would have on the value of his property. He also had issues with a for-profit company using his land for their gain.

Spectra eventually filed an eminent domain lawsuit against the Bells to get the right of way they needed for the project. At the same time, the Bells sued the company for trespassing.

The Bells lost both cases. In the trespassing case, a judge ordered they pay $47,000 to cover Spectra’s legal fees.

Here’s a video playlist:

Sabal Trail destruction at Bell property, Mitchell Co., GA 2016-09-13
Videos by James E. Bell Tuesday September 13th 2016


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