No agenda for Planning Commission Work Session @ GLPC 2016-05-23

On Lowndes County’s website there’s no agenda for tonight’s Planning Commission Work Session, Notice of Public Hearing Sign, thanks to Barbara Stratton even though the City of Valdosta’s calendar lists that Work Session for 5:30 PM Monday May 23rd 2016 at South Health District Administrative Office (former Lowndes County Administration Building), 325 W Savannah Ave, Valdosta, GA 31601. Presumably the Hahira rezonings and annexation will be discussed. And will County Manager Joe Pritchard say this morning at 8:30 AM at the Lowndes County Work Session that he has received an annexation letter from Hahira?

Neither of these Monday meetings are public hearings: the public can attend, but can not speak. See previous post for when the public hearings are.


2 thoughts on “No agenda for Planning Commission Work Session @ GLPC 2016-05-23

  1. Barbara Stratton

    I finally found someone who had access to tonight’s GLPC Work Session. All 3 of Josh Thomason’s requests are on the “agenda”, but I’m still confused because the person I spoke with said the rezoning/annexation request was on the east side of Union Rd. & there was just a rezoning request by Josh Thomason for the west side of Union Rd so that parcel must already be in the city. I think the info about it being west of Union Rd was incorrect. We will have to go to the work session to get details. She said they usually don’t have an agenda for the work sessions and make the GLPC meeting agenda during the work session. Open records requests don’t work because there is not enough time to get the answers back. We need to ask them to come up with a system for informing the public what requests will be discussed at the Work Session because that is a public meeting even though it is not a public hearing until the meeting on the following Monday evening. The GLPC does a good job of presenting written hand outs for the public if the requestors supply them & they always display the maps & site plans on the video displays which is much appreciated. We just need to encourage them to supply an agenda or some sort of advance information so the public will know if they want to attend the work sessions so they can get the detail information for consideration.

    1. John S. Quarterman Post author

      Actually, lately both county and city planners have been willing to email PDF of their items in response to email open records requests, if you know exactly who to copy just right.
      Yes, it would be much better if they at least posted a Planning Commission agenda on the county website before the GLPC Work Session.
      And there’s no reason they can’t also put those PDFs up there with the agenda.
      Then you’d know what that thing on the east side of Union Road is.
      I suspect they actually meant for the west side of one parcel.
      But why should we have to guess?

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