Carter Way Correction by Bill Slaughter @ LCC 2016-04-12

Thanks to Lowndes County Chairman Bill Slaughter, here’s a correction to Fixing private road Carter Way next to proposed Sabal Trail fracked methane path @ LCC 2016-04-12.

From: Bill Slaughter
Subject: Carter Way
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 21:04:14 +0000


I got a call today regarding comments that have been made about Agenda Item 7.h on your blog page, for clarification COWART & Sons was not awarded a contract for this emergency repair the contractor was Rountree Construction!

We requested a temporary easement from property owner Cowart & Sons to allow Rountree Construction to perform the work on a private road in order to provide an access down this road for the 10 property owners and their family members that live down this private road. I hope this clarifies the issue and if you would please amend your information so others will have the correct information.

Feel free to call me if more information is needed for accuracy!


Indeed, the Chairman is correct: I read too hastily.

However, Bill, since you ask if more information is needed for accuracy, if the county posted on its website alongside the agenda the construction bid with Rountree Construction and the contract with Cowart & Sons, it would have been so obvious probably even I couldn’t have overlooked it.

Also, if Lowndes County allowed citizen comment on each agenda item, or answered citizen questions during Citizens Wishing to be Heard, this could have all been cleared up during the meeting, just as you answered my question at the Naylor Town Hall right there.

Lots of counties throughout Georgia and Florida do both those things, as I’m sure ACCG can describe. Lowndes County, the biggest for a hundred miles around, in the center of its own metro area, could do them, too.

But thanks again for clarifying, both on this item, and at the Naylor Town Hall (video to come on that one).