Packet items for REZ-2016-03-06, CAC, Skipper Bridge Road @ GLPC 2016-02-29

Thanks to Lowndes County Planner Jason Davenport’s expeditious response to my open records request with the packet materials for REZ-2016-03-06, for tonight’s Planning Commission meetin, we now know this proposed CAC rezoning is at the NW corner of Skipper Bridge Road and Stafford Wright Road, about one acre of the 113.88 acre parcel 0106 232 owned by JEV Duck Pond LLC, in the watershed of Cherry Creek, which flows to the Withlacoochee River. Perhaps not coincidentally, the county recently approved plans to pave Stafford Wright Road. The County Planner mentioned that in the agenda sheet summary that county road classifications (local rural, minor collector, etc.) are stated in the Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan. Back in 2009 when that plan was last updated, the County Engineer said it “…works as a guide for development and potential use changes in property.”


SUBJECT: Rezoning Case REZ—2016-06

DATE OF MEETING: February 29th 2016

Regular Meeting (x)
Work Session (x)
Policy/Discussion ( )

BUDGET IMPACT: Recommendation (X)

() Annual ( ) SPLOST () Capital (X) N/A

ACTION REQUESTED 0N: REZ-2016-06 Lowndes County CAC, Skipper Bridge Rd
R—A to O1, Well and County Sewer, ~1 acre


This case represents a change in zoning on ~1 acre property from Residential Agricultural (R-A) zoning to Office Institutional (OI) zoning. The main motivation behind the request is to allow for the relocation of the Lowndes County Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC)1. For reference, in 2015 the CAC in partnership with the LCBOC was awarded a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) related to the subject property. Ultimately, the CAC’s current plans are to relocate from their existing main office in the VSU area to a newly constructed facility on the subject property. In order to finalize plans for the development and construction of the new facility a rezoning is needed to allow for the proposed use. The subject property possesses road frontage on Skipper Bridge Rd and Stafford Wright Rd, This section of Skipper Bridge Rd is classified as a county maintained major collector2. Typical traffic flow capacity of a major collector road is between 3,000 to 6,000 AADT3. Stafford Wright Rd is currently classified as a county maintained unimproved local road. Typical traffic flow capacity of a local road is between 750 to 1,500 AADT. It should be noted that plans are currently underway to pave Stafford Wright Rd within the next 12-18 months. Concerning the 2030 Comprehensive Plan Future Development Map the subject property is within the Urban Service Area and a Suburban Area Character Area. Per Comprehensive Plan guidance 01 zoning is listed as a permitted zoning district within a Suburban Area Character Area. With this request the following factors should be considered: 1) The precedent set for other properties in the surrounding area with the approval of OI zoning, 2) The potential for commercial/institutional development to the south, 3) The location of the subject property at an intersection and 4) The potential effects on the residence to the north (~250′ away from the proposed northern property line).


2 Road classifications are determined by the Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan.

3 Per GDOT definition the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) is the average number of Vehicles that pass by a counter during a 24-hour period in a certain year.

The rest of the materials the County Planner sent are on the LAKE website.


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