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Break the Chains: anti-tether ordinance @ LCC 2015-01-26

Their ordinance is the agenda for Monday morning’s Work Session, and a local organization called Break the Chains is sponsoring a facebook event to get people to show up for Tuesday evening’s Regular Session at 5:30 PM 26 January 2015 to recommend the Commission should pass it.

Joe Adgie, VDT, 24 January 2015, Anti-chain ordinance in future? Continue reading

What if shelters didn’t euthanize animals?

Some places are looking beyond the details of how to euthanize animals in shelters or how to control the drugs used to doing something about the idea of euthanizing animals in the first place.

Sue Manning wrote for AP today, Euthanasia to control shelter population unpopular

Nathan Winograd, director of the Oakland-based No Kill Advocacy Center, believes 95 percent of all animals entering shelters can be adopted or treated. And even though the other 5 percent might be hopelessly injured, ill or vicious, he said they should not all be doomed.

Some, if not most of them, can be cared for in hospice centers or sanctuaries, he said. As for pit bulls and other dogs with aggressive reputations, he said shelters need to do a better job of trying to find them homes.

That story has some interesting discussion of difficulties of getting to such a goal and methods of achieving it. Maybe we could have such a discussion around here.


Where is law enforcement? —Jane Osborn

Received 27 July on Shouldn’t the people running the facilities … be held accountable? -jsq
And I continue to ask, since my email of a couple of months ago to the Sheriff never received an answer, where is law enforcement when there clearly are illegal acts of animal cruelty occurring here? We made a big deal (appropriately) several years ago about a dog that was intentionally set on fire by local people, but these violations are all the more difficult to understand since they appear to be happening at the hands of the very people sworn to protect our county’s animals.

-Jane Osborn

GA Dept. Ag. can’t enforce, but Lowndes County can

One reason LAKE permits anonymous posts is that occasionally some useful information like this comes in that way; received yesterday on Graphic horse case. -jsq
Ga. Ag Equine Division is authorized to impound animals if animal cruelty is suspected.

However, if you take the time to read the state law (Ga. Code Section), you’ll see that local animal control and law enforcement are also authorized to impound horses/equine.

Counties need to understand that Ag is REGULATORY – they are NOT a criminal office. They cannot legally conduct a criminal investigation, nor file criminal charges. Criminal investigations, and charges, have to be handled by local law enforcement.

The below excerpt is from “The Ga. Animal Protection Act” – which is – a state law. .

4-11-9.2. Inspection warrant; impounding of animals

(a) At any time there is probable cause to believe that a violation of this article or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to this article has occurred, the Commissioner, his or her designated agent, or an animal control officer who is an employee of state or local government may apply to the appropriate court in the county in which the animal is located for an inspection warrant under the provisions of Code Section 2-2-11.

(b) Any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other peace officer shall have the authority to enforce the provisions of this article and Code Sections 16-12-4 and 16-12-37.

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