Protest today against Sabal Trail pipeline

It’s a bad week for Sabal Trail and its proposed fracked methane pipeline, with three back-to-back protests today alone (March and Protest in Valdosta, GA plus Development Authority meeting, and Protest at Sabal Trail Open House in Jasper, FL, plus Hamilton and Suwannee County Commission meetings) after one yesterday (at Albany Open House and Dougherty County Commission) and more to come.

Yesterday in Albany, GA, protesters including Albany Against Sabal Trail (AGAST) attended a Sabal Trail Open House and the Dougherty County Commission considered an anti-pipeline resolution.

Today, Tuesday 21 October 2014, you can choose from three protests, a development authority meeting, and two county commission meetings.

  1. 3:30 PM: Assemble on VSU’s front lawn and march up Patterson Street against Sabal Trail, with Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.); here’s S.A.V.E.’s facebook event. They’re marching to:
  1. 300x269 Tom Hochschild and two other protesters, in Protest against Sabal Trail Pipeline, by John S. Quarterman, 9 September 2014 4PM: Protest in front of Sabal Trail’s Valdosta office at 2110 North Patterson Street (corner of Park and Patterson) organized by Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy (WACE): facebook event.

    In Valdosta, the Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority (VLDA) is meeting at 5:30, and has not yet taken a position against the pipeline. Their new office is at 103 Roosevelt Drive, Valdosta, Georgia 31602, which is less than a mile farther up Patterson Street.

  1. 5-7PM: Sabal Trail Open House, Jasper, FL, where SpectraBusters invites you to protest: facebook event. The venue is Florida Gateway Golf & Country Club, 8055 U.S. Highway 129 South, Jasper, Florida 32052.

    The Hamilton County, FL Sheriff’s office says protesting on the public road out front is possible. The picture at the top of this post is from Leesburg, GA in July, and many of the same people and more will be in Jasper, FL tonight.

Also today, both the Hamilton County, FL and Suwannee County, FL Boards of Commissioners are meeting at 6PM, in Jasper and Live Oak respectively. The former has passed a resolution against the pipeline, which is the proximate cause of tonight’s Jasper Open House. The latter has so far refused to do anything.

There will be more events later this week protesting the Sabal Trail pipeline, but today is a good day to protest.

At any time you can do number zero: call, write, speak at your local city council, county commission, development authority, etc. and ask them to oppose the pipeline. Contact your local, state, and national elected and appointed officials and ask them to deny permits and oppose the pipeline, including by passing resolutions and ordinances against pipelines. Write letters to the editor and call in to radio stations. Write op-eds and volunteer to be a radio show guest. And of course send ecomments to FERC, because all the other opponents who are signed up for FERC’s ecomment system will see them.

But don’t depend on FERC alone. Take action!


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