Sabal Trail admits no Georgia customers, tree destruction, to VDT

The VDT’s page-long coverage wasn’t just fluff. Spectra’s Andrea Grover admitted they need complete survey data, and Sabal Trail admitted they have no Georgia customers, which means they have no Georgia eminent domain, so every landowner who refuses is indeed putting a crimp into Spectra’s fracked methane pipeline. Plus Grover admitted trees don’t grow back fast, so her promise “It’s restored to what it was before” is pretty hollow. She admitted she knows the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Fuels can approve LNG export, but she didn’t admit that it has already done so for three companies right there Spectra’s Sabal Trail pipeline leads on Florida’s Atlantic coast. She still can’t seem to remember Spectra’s long list of safety violations. And she’d already forgotten exactly when her posse of seven rode into Leesburg, GA seeking an eminent domain court order, and rode away without it.

Not a word, though, about Lowndes County Chairman Bill Slaughter’s fourteen points of local laws and ordinances he wants Sabal Trail to follow. Since Sabal Trail says it doesn’t like minimum depth requirements, and that was in Slaughter’s letter, should we assume Sabal Trail intends to ignore his fourteen points, as well? What does the Lowndes County Commission have to say about that?

For details, see Sabal Trail admits environmental destruction to Valdosta newspaper.

My favorite is this:

“We still have, in working with the landowners and the communities, some reroutes that we’re looking at, and obviously you kind of need to draw that line in the sand and turn in something….”

A company from Houston, Texas comes here wanting to cut down local trees, take a hundred-foot right of way through our fields and wetlands, and dig under our Withlacoochee River, for its corporate profit, and it acts like it’s the victim and we the locals are being mean to it.

How about we tell Spectra to get back on its high horse and ride back to Houston, while we put up solar panels to reflect the tails of their horses?