VSU up there with Harvard about fossil fuel divestment

VSU is with the big schools, leading the stigmatization of fossil fuel companies and the exodus from those stranded assets. Students are leading on that and related issues, more than our local elected bodies, but there’s an election going on.

Mary Schellentrager posted for PowerShift 29 April 2014, NATIONAL PHOTO ROUND-UP: BOLD ACTION FOR #BEYONDEARTHDAY:

Valdosta students marched to deliver over 500 petition signatures to their president Dr. McKinney.

More people in the pictures of VSU than in the ones for Yale…. Not more than in the Harvard pictures, but then Harvard did start this fossil fuel divestment movement, and now VSU is right up there with them. It’s not about how much fossil fuel stock VSU owns. It’s about making it socially unacceptable to buy from stigmatized companies, and it’s working faster for fossil fuels than it did for apartheid. Better bail out of those stranded assets now.

Go SAVE! It’s time for Fossil Free Valdosta. Maybe that new VSU special committee on sustainability will help the VSU Foundation finally decide to do the right thing, like the VSU Faculty Senate and the VSU Student Government Association already did.

Oh, and like the VSU Spectator said, no fracked methane pipeline: it’s just too risky. VSU students are leading on these interrelated issues much more than our local elected bodies. Maybe we need some new elected officials to help with that.


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