VSU new special committee on sustainability to investigate fossil fuel divestment

PR from Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.) today. -jsq

Hi everyone,

I’m very glad to announce that under the direction of President McKinney, there will soon be a new special committee on sustainability. One of the goals of it will be to investigate fossil fuel divestment and create a report that will be presented to the Board of Trustees. The description is as follows:

“The Valdosta State University President’s Special Committee on Sustainability is charged with examining Valdosta State University’s progress in complying with the President’s Climate Commitment, completing a comprehensive university sustainability audit, and developing a plan of action that will make Valdosta State University a better steward of the environment. In so doing, the committee will examine the feasibility of strategies that include, but are not limited to: recycling, solid waste reduction, hazardous waste reduction, using low emission vehicles, fossil fuel divestment, and energy conservation. The committee will present its final report and recommendations, to include a thorough cost-benefit analysis, to the President one year after the committee is charged at its initial meeting.”

One representative from each of the following departments will be appointed:

The Physical Plant
The Faculty Senate Environmental Issues Committee
The Council on Staff Affairs
The Center for Business and Economic Research
With three more members to be appointed by Dr. McKinney

As many of you already know, Benjamin Vieth will be representing us.

So, congratulations, SAVE… This is another big step in the right direction for our campaign. Let’s make it happen!

-Danielle Jordan