Susan Waller refusing to answer a question @ Sabal 2013-12-17

Here’s Susan Waller of Spectra refusing to even listen to a question that she had just asked for:

FERC-required Open House about the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline
by Sabal Trail Transmission and Spectra Energy,
Video by Blake Clark, Madison, Madison County, Florida, 17 December 2013.

Blake Clark remarked on this video he took:

This short clip speaks for it’s self. Notice Susan Waller’s condescending tone through out the clips entirety. It is assumed, and I have witnessed her speaking to most landowners inquiring more information in the same tone here. Are the people at Sabal (Spectra) or “what ever they may be calling themselves this week” really concerned for you, your questions, or your property? You decide!

Visit for more information on the Sabal Trail Pipeline, Thank you!

Earlier she complained that someone who presented her with evidence was “disruptive”.

What I wanted to ask her about was this quote by Rheya Spigner for fox31online 12 December 2013 from the Colquitt County Open House:

Susan Waller with the Sabal Trail Transmission says “one concern (from residents) is that it’ll impact the value of the land.” Which she adds isn’t true, but could affect vegetation.

Quite a few Lowndes County and Brooks County and Levy County and Colquitt County and other county landowners I’ve talked to think the pipeline will affect the value of their land, and some say it already has, so I wanted to see if she had any clarification about that statement.

This is the same Susan Waller, Spectra VP of Stakeholder Outreach, who was quoted by the VDT yesterday as saying at the Sabal Trail Open House at Clyattville Elementary in Lowndes County Tuesday,

“I want stakeholders to talk to us. They have to ask the questions so we can answer them,” Waller said. “Keep talking. Don’t shut down.”

That’s Susan Waller shutting down the conversation in this video.