Larry Rodgers and Mindy Bland on Chris Beckham radio show right now

Lowndes County landowners Larry Rodgers and Mindy Bland on the Chris Beckham radio show right now. “Veiled threats” –Mindy Bland. Larry Rodgers said:

These people do not have a customer in Georgia, so eminent domain does not apply in Georgia.

His attorney (Bill Langdale) responded to a Sabal Trail lawyer letter saying that, and as yet there is no response.

You continue paying taxes on that property forever. They continue making profits on that property forever.

Chris Beckham remarked that there’s no other 36 inch pipeline in Georgia, and Mindy is explaining that FERC has to approve it and there are no customer in Georgia, plus you have to be a very large company to tap into a transmission line anyway. Planted pine trees:

We’ll lose all that.

You can listen now, for example on Mindy didn’t like Spectra’s offer to buy her trees, which would no longer be a source of income for her.

I didn’t know how to respond to something that sounded so asinine to me.

Larry is expressing disappointment in our local county commissioners.

And Mindy just pointed out Erin Brockovich’s famous case was about a compressor station, such as the one proposed near Albany, and she said pipeline reps told her Lowndes County could expect a compressor station in 2020.

Do we want that?


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