Common Community Vision for Lowndes County

What do you the citizens want Lowndes County to be? Here’s a chance to speak up, so when somebody asks where were you when the decisions were being made, you don’t have to answer “lying on the couch watching television.” (Thanks to Nolen Cox for that phrase.)

Corey Hull wrote on facebook today, Help Spread the Word for the Future of Lowndes County,

My office is conducting a survey and gathering public input on Facebook (go to about what they want the Lowndes County Common Community Vision to be ( So far our participation has been low. I am calling on all of you to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to spread the word and let us know what you think about the future of Lowndes County and its cities.

Over the next two months there will be future opportunities for public input so stay tuned.

Thanks for your help.

On the Southern Georgia Regional Commission’s website, Lowndes County Common Community Vision,

The VLMPO is working jointly with Valdosta and Lowndes County to develop a Common Community Vision for future planning efforts to start from the same community vision and sets of goals. The Common Community Vision project is a way to gather public input to form the future vision for Lowndes County and Valdosta in all planning efforts. A series of public meetings and other events will be held in the Fall 2013 to gather public and stakeholder input on this effort. If you would like to host a public meeting or have us come to your civic group, neighborhood group, church group or other event please contact Corey Hull at 229-333-5277.

Lowndes County Common Community Vision Worksheets

Here’s an HTML version of those worksheets, which as you can see are about almost everything. Except agriculture and forestry, which seem to have been overlooked. And sprawl. But you can write in things like that as your concerns.


Lowndes County Common Community Vision

What is the Common Community Vision?

The Lowndes County Common Community Vision is an opportunity for local governments and agencies to cooperatively develop a community wide vision statement and goals that can guide our future planning efforts through a coordinated process.

Why are we doing this?

Several agencies/departments in Valdosta and Lowndes County are working to create new plans requiring the development of vision statements, goals and objectives. This effort will allow all agencies to use a common, community driven vision with high level goals they can implement through their own plans, policies and strategies.

What do we need from you, the citizen and stakeholder?

We need your feedback and input. By answering the questions below for each of the categories and themes you will share your vision for Valdosta and Lowndes County. Please describe what you think the communities strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are, and how we can build on what we have, or mitigate negative impacts to our community and our quality of life.

Where did the categories and themes come from?

Staff reviewed goal, objective, and policy statements from over 23 local, regional and state plans to identify common planning categories and themes within those categories. As you will see there is overlap of themes across categories (ex: land use theme in health/safety category means that land use and development is important to meet health and safety goals).

Please take a few moments to answer these six questions about each of the categories (Economic Development, Education, etc.), placing your answers under the appropriate theme on the following pages. We want to know what you think the community is doing well and where we need to work a little harder.

  1. What is it that you value about your community? / What works well?

  2. What is not working well? What do you dislike about your community?

  3. How can the community improve? / What would you like to see in your community?

  4. Through what implementation methods, policies, etc. does the community get there?

  5. What challenges does the community face to achieving this vision?

  6. Are there any missing inputs/gaps in community interests? Have we forgot about anything?

Economic Development


Economic Engines (large employers)

Infrastructure (utilities/community facilities)

Land Use/Development

Small Business

Workforce Readiness

Education (K-12, Higher Education, Public/Private)

Education (generally)

Higher Education


Workforce Training

Health and Safety (Health, Police, Fire, Emergency Management)

Disaster Recovery (mitigate disaster impacts to recover quickly)

Facilities/Infrastructure (utilities/community facilities)


Land Use Development

Public Safety (Police/Fire)

Healthy Lifestyles


Affordable Housing

Community Appearance

Housing Program Awareness

Land Use Development

Intergovernmental Coordination


Engage Stakeholders


University Relationships

Land Use


Community Appearance


Economic Engines (large employers)

Infrastructure (community facilities)

Land Use Development

Engage Stakeholders

Natural Resources

Air Quality



Environmental Quality (generally)

Historic (museums, buildings, etc.)

Land Use Development

Recreation Facilities

Solid Waste

Water Quality

Quality of Life (Recreation, Cultural, Historic)

Cultural (music, theater, etc.)

Recreation Facilities

Historic (museums, buildings, etc.)

Recreation Programs





Land Use Development

Multi-modal (bicycles, pedestrians, trucks, rail, etc.)

Public Transit


Engage Stakeholders

Utilities/Infrastructure (Water, Sanitary/Storm Sewer, Community Facilities)

Capital Investment

Utility/Facility Location

Land Use Development