Tourism Board Meeting @ VLCCCTA 2013-01-23

Last week I went to the Rainwater Conference Center to attend the Valdosta-Lowndes County Conference Center & Tourism Authority Board Meeting.

I had discovered the time and date of this meeting by asking at the information booth at the Conference Center one day when I was there for another event.

I arrived slightly before the 8:00 appointed time and was greated warmly by Councilman Tim Carroll and Conference Center Director Tim Riddle. Being the Conference Center, they served a hot breakfast (other morning boards have fruits and sweets but this was something that you might get up for).

As 8:00 came there was apparently not a quorum, so calls went out to missing members to see if one more could be attacted. At 8:15 it was clear that there would be no additional members coming so no formal meeting was held, no votes were taken but an informal review of the agenda was performed:

  1. Call to Order—Chairman—Rob Evans
  2. Approval of the Minutes from the November 28, 2012 meeting
  3. November and December 2012 Financial Report—Tim Riddle
  4. Indeminfication Agreement—Tim Riddle
  5. Authorization Changes on Money Market Accounts—Tim Riddle
  6. Award Landscaping Maintenance Bid—Tim Riddle
  7. General Manager's Report—Tim Riddle
  8. Closing Comments—Chairman Rob Evans
Next Meeting scheduled for February 27, 2013.

The information presented at this "not a meeting" was informative. There was a detailed presentation and discussion of the financial statement along with discussion about needed updates to the website and the new conference center focused site which is under development (and not currently available)

From my point of view, a troubling thing was that there was a bid award that needed to be made and no vote could be taken.

After the meeting, I asked Tim Riddle if I might obtain a copy of the packet that the board members had and he said yes. I picked up the packet as lunch time when I was back at the Conference Center for another meeting.