Help Sierra Club send a message to Georgia Power CEO Bowers

Georgia Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign probably contributed to Georgia Power’s recent decision to shut down some coal plants. Now Sierra Club offers a petition to ask Georgia Power CEO Paul Bowers to go farther, and replace those coal plants with solar offshore wind power for jobs and health for Georgia.

Dirty Coal is Out, Help Usher Clean Energy In!

Georgia Power recently announced their plans to retire three of their oldest and dirtiest coal fired power plants. Now, we must send a clear message to Georgia Power’s leadership that we want to keep Georgia Jobs by investing in homegrown clean energy and energy efficiency to power our homes and businesses.

Send a message to Georgia Power CEO Paul Bowers telling him to replace dirty coal with investments in homegrown clean energy and energy efficiency that can produce thousands of lasting Georgia jobs.

It’s a petition; details here.

Seth Gunning explained why in Sierra Club PR:

“Georgia families will be breathing easier now that some of the state’s oldest and largest polluters will be phased out,” said Seth Gunning, Beyond Coal Organizer with the Georgia Sierra Club. “Georgia Power’s decision to phase out nearly one quarter of their dirty, eighteenth century technology is good for families and good for their customers. If the company chooses to replace this capacity with home-grown, twenty-first century energy technology like solar and wind, their decision will also be good for Georgia jobs. Moving beyond coal and oil is the right decision for Georgia Power.”

Here’s Paul Bowers explaining away a radioactive tritium leak at Plant Hatch 4 October 2011. Here’s Paul Bowers on a stealth visit to Valdosta in October 2011 saying solar power “will be cost-effective in the next few years”. Here’s Paul Bowers bragging about being the first in 30 years to get a new nuke permitted at the Southern Company shareholder meeting in May 2012. Here’s Paul Bowers pushing solar misinformation out the next fifty years in October 2012. That last even though Georgia Power was already requesting the PSC to approve 210 MW of new solar power. Which is a pittance compared to New Jersey or Germany or even Denmark.

Let’s help Paul Bowers say, like Cobb EMC CEO Chip Nelson in April 2012, we’re just ripe for solar power.