Candidates Forum today @ HBA 2012-10-18

Candidates Forum, 7-9PM today 18 October 2012, at the Rainwater Conference Center, 1 Meeting Place, Valdosta, GA, organized by the Home Builders Association of South Georgia and NewsTalk105.9 WVGA, moderated by Chris Beckham.

This thing is astonishingly poorly advertised, unless you happen to follow one of the organizing organizations. It’s not in the VDT calendar, it’s not on the conference center’s calendar, and people keep asking when and where is it. Now you know.

Here are videos (from three different cameras) of all the candidate presentations of the 2 October 2012 Meet the Candidates event at VSU. Tonight, if I understand correctly from there being a moderator, they debate. Presumably all the same candidates will be there:
Solicitor General: Justin Cabral (R) Incumbent and Jason Cain (D)
Sheriff: Chris Prine (D) Incumbent and J.D. Yeager (R)
County Commission Chair (no incumbent): Gretchen Quarterman (D) and Bill Slaughter (R)
County Commission Super District 4 (no incumbent): John Gates (R) and Demarcus Marshall (D)
State Senate, District 8: Tim Golden (R) Incumbent and Bikram Mohanty (D)
State Representative, District 174: Ellis Black (R) Incumbent and Teresa Lawrence (D)
State Representative, District 175: Amy Carter (R) Incumbent and JC Cunningham (D)
State Representative, District 177 (no incumbent): Glenn Gregory (R) and Dexter Sharper (D)

Probably somebody will speak for SPLOST VII. Will someone debate against it?

Maybe somebody will be brave enough to speak for the charter school amendment, or, even better let’s see a debate on that bogus monstrosity that would let an unelected Atlanta committee take our local school tax dollars away from our public schools and give them to charter school profiteers from out of state!