Videos Meet the Candidates (Part 2 of 2) @ VLCoC 2012-10-02

Here are videos of all the presentations from the Meet the Candidates event at VSU Monday. This adds to the previous LAKE videos, and also includes a different perspective from George Boston Rhynes.

Update 4:40 PM 5 October 2012: Toma Hawk has supplied a third viewpoint.


Ron Borders, Introduction

Solicitor General:

Justin Cabral (R) Incumbent
and Jason Cain (D)


Chris Prine (D) Incumbent
and J.D. Yeager (R)

County Commission Chair (no incumbent):

Bill Slaughter (R)
and Gretchen Quarterman (D)

County Commission Super District 4 (no incumbent):

John Gates (R)
and Demarcus Marshall (D)

State Senate, District 8:

Tim Golden (R) Incumbent
and Bikram Mohanty (D)

State Representative, District 174:

Ellis Black (R) Incumbent was absent
and Teresa Lawrence (D)

State Representative, District 175:

Amy Carter (R) Incumbent
and JC Cunningham (D)

State Representative, District 177 (no incumbent):

Glenn Gregory (R)
and Dexter Sharper (D)


Charter School referendum: nobody was willing to defend it. Here’s the joint Lowndes and Valdosta School Board resolution against it.
Gail Green for SPLOST VII


Ron Borders, Wrapup


Here’s a video playlist of the LAKE videos.

Here is a video playlist of the bostongbr videos.

And A single long video by acon4awhile, sent by Toma Hawk.


This post is a simple presentation of the videos without transcription or commentary. We may come back later with either or both of those.