Locals weigh in on presidential debate on WCTV

Who would understand base politics better than Jack Kingston?

Jack Kingston's green tongue “I think for base politics, the red meat Democrats, the red meat Republicans, they like to see a good squabble and they saw one.”

Kingston, who lapped up Moody Air Force Base with his green tongue. He left out the rest of Lowndes County, so he’s barely local anymore. But two others on WCTV last night are local.

Eames Yates wrote for WCTV yesterday, Emotions of Local Politicians and Voters Run High After Debate,

Laverne Gaskins Laverne Lewis Gaskins is with Obama For America. She said “it was a decisive victory for President Obama. I think he was clear in his message. He was able to articulate the future that he has for America.”

Congressman Kingston said “I really think it was a tie. I would like to say that Romney won, but I have to say I think Obama won on some questions.”

That’s Jack-speak for he would like to say that, but he can’t, because he knows it’s not true. Laverne was more straightforward. So was Gretchen:

One topic that did emerge in the debate was women’s health and the ability to publicly fund birth control.

Gretchen Quarterman Gretchen Quarterman is with the Lowndes County Democratic Party. She said “President Obama understands that women need to be in charge of themselves. In charge of their bodies, in charge of the decisions that they make for themselves.”

Congressman Kingston said “birth control is such really a non issue, to the degree where it’s about nine dollars a month. Women can afford their own birth control.”

Hm, looks like local women can speak for themselves.


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  1. Jane Osborn

    And the Romney campaign still has not answered the question about whether or not he supports the Lillie Ledbetter equal pay act.

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