Ed Asner against horse-and-buggy Turkey Point nuclear boondoggle

Nuclear subsidy CWIP rate hikes for power nobody’s getting yet: it’s not just for nukes for Georgia Power and Coal for Mississippi Power, it’s for Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point nuke boondoggle! Let Ed Asner explain.

Here’s the video:

FPL CWIP Ed Asner asks why not put that $35 billion to better use:

Why would anyone not want to work on renewable safe and much less expensive solar energy, in the sunshine state?!

Or in the Empire State of the South, for that matter. You know, Georgia, the state where FPL owns most of 1 of 4 of the coal burners at Plant Scherer, the nation’s dirtiest coal plant, and exports the power to Florida. Georgia, where Georgia Power and the Southern Company continue to work hard to prevent us from using solar power. Thyroid cancer Maybe we should change that. Like the video says, contact our state elected officials. Or maybe elect some new ones!

Rates of thyroid cancer are already elevated near Turkey Point’s stored nuclear waste, maybe related to those thyroid cysts in 0.8% of i Japanese school children in 2001 and in 36% this year of children near Fukushima.

Hurricanes before Hurricanes after

Asner asked whether engineers for Fukushima assured the public that it was safe. Yes, in 2001 TEPCO reassured everyone that tsunamis were not a problem for Fukushima. In 2012, Southern Company CEO Thomas A. Fanning reassured us that Plant Vogtle is a hundred miles inland and not in an earthquake zone. He didn’t mention the same was true of Chernobyl, and he didn’t mention hurricanes. Has anybody seen any hurricanes near Savannah?

Water Solar installation

Maybe solar was better Nuclear and coal and biomass burn water; solar and wind do not.


PS: Owed to Seth Gunning and the Florida Sierra Club.