MLK Jr. radio ad for CUEE?

I haven’t heard it, but multiple people say they have: a radio ad on Black Crow media
promoting Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream with cuee’s mission.
Voiced by Morgan Freeman. So we know CUEE is pouring money into their local disaster capitalism.

This is not sitting well with opponents of consolidation. Here’s JC Cunningham’s reaction:

I personally am not surprised by any tactics that Cuee uses in order to win on Nov. 8th. In the last 5 minutes I have received 3 phone calls and 6 emails. Each one asked me what was I going to do about it? After the last call I began to get a little upset, because I did not ask that person the same question. What are you going to do about this?

Cuee and the Chamber will try and get away with

anything if we continue to let them. And the word is “we”. This is not a Sam Allen or JC Cunningham fight. We are all in this together. When are “we” going to fight!! We have talked enough, it’s time for action.

What can we do!!!

  1. Flood Black Crow Media with phone calls all day and demand that they pull that offense ad immediately or you will never listen or support any of their stations again. Call them locally at 244-8642 and at their headquarters in FL at 386-255-5130.
  2. Flood the Chambers phones all day with calls telling them that you are offended by their offensive tactics and that you and all friends will boycott all chambers businesses immediately or until they pull that offensive ad. The chambers number is 247–8100.
  3. Call up, email, text everyone you know at this moment and tell them just how far Cuee is willing to go to win the yes vote. Ask them to ask their selves, What is this really all about? Why are they (Cuee) willing to spend this much to force their will on the people? And, what is the sudden interest in saving African America children. Tell them to ask themselves this question, when did Martin Luther King Jr. name or legacy become a pawn for Cuee? And if Cuee does not have a conscience about distorting the words and beliefs on Dr. King what makes you think they care about the children in Lowndes/Valdosta.
  4. Call and tell your pastors what Cuee is doing and ask them to support the effort to get out the “NO” vote. Remind them that Dr. King would not have just sat on the sidelines and watched. Remind them that Dr. King stood for justice and he fought against people being excluded, thus he would have fought for the rights of the citizens of Lowndes to vote on unification.
  5. Donate your time, your resources and money!! Don’t wake up on the Nov. the 9th and say “I wish I had done more”
I love this town but I do not love what we are allowing to happen. Cuee does not care about the fact that a vote for “yes” will be devastating to a lot of people. Cuee and the Chamber seem to be oblivious and unconcerned when it comes to people losing their jobs and seeing an increase in their taxes. They are unapologetic about rolling the dice on lives of others. This is not about education!! What we all need to face is that this has really become personal to Cuee and the Chamber. They do not appreciate that they have been questioned and they felt that we should have just taken their word that they know better than both school systems. We were supposed to let them have their way. We didn’t and now they are willing spend as much as they have too, they will lie, cheat and even defame the memory of one the greatest men to walk this earth to get their way. I can’t help but believe that even some Cuee supporters who are now asking the question why?

-JC Cunningham

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  1. Farrah D. Reed

    I have noticed the ads in my mail box (which I did recycle) and the bill boards around town, but I haven’t heard the radio ad. I’m sure all this advertising is expensive and wish the money was going toward actually helping kids : (

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