He is in the business of selling energy, not saving it. —Michael G. Noll

Received yesterday on Georgia Power forges ahead with expensive nukes. -jsq
Thanks for posting this John!

Mr. Bowers’ visit and his comments are almost comical, particularly his quote that “the government is stimulating for renewables to give them a running chance but, when you remove them, the question is can they run on their own two feet?”

A good question! Fact is that neither coal nor nuclear would be able to “run on their two own feet” if it wasn’t for the large subsidies both have received for decades. Now these are nicely hidden subsidies so that the average consumer thinks he is getting a bargain, without realizing that it is us, the consumers, who have actually paid for this “inexpensive rate”.

At the same time truly renewable and clean energies

like solar have received little subsidies and produce NO air pollution and NO radioactive waste or leaks!

As you already pointed out: solar is cheaper than nuclear!

The nuclear industry for decades has received enormous subsidies!

Lastly, Mr. Bowers is missing an important part of our energy puzzle: energy conservation and energy efficiency! Why? Because he is in the business of selling energy, not saving it.

Michael G. Noll, President
Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy (WACE)

P.S.: Nice guest column in today’s VDT John! Will you publish it too on this blog?

Thanks for the compliment, and already did.