At the door of the most educational meeting —Karen Noll

Received today on A most educational meeting. -jsq
Thank you, John for that accurate description of the most bizarre meeting that I have ever attended.

Karen Noll and Dean Poling at the door
As I was not invited I remained at the door. Dean Polling came to the door 10 minutes late because he’d been roaming around Rainwater conference center with a few other folks before he found out the meeting was located here. This meeting was held on the date that the CUEE had given when it would unveil its education plan. So many assumed it would be at the conference center and open to the public.(LOL)

The plan put together by the unnamed education task force a sub committee of cuee pushed Levy into having it at VSU, when VSU has clearly stated they are taking NO side!! So CUEE’s educational plan was presented before the vote has been taken to an invited group at a public institution that is staying out of the whole stinking affair. This is all to strange to not ask why and who is behind this mess?

At the end when I told Myrna Ballard about the location

confusion she said the invitation clearly stated it was here. I expressed my concern that having the meeting at this location had clearly put both Dr. Levy and Dr. Perrin in a very awkward position. Wouldn’t it have been appropriate to have this meeting at the conference center? She thanked me for coming (numerous times).

Dennis Marks was also miffed that I would suggest that the location was very unfortunate, not to mention the timing.

What has this done for VSU’s relationship to the community? No matter how they danced around hosting this event they did and it is very unfortunate.

-Karen Noll

According to Dr. Levy (as you can hear on the videos), many of the invitations were by telephone late at night, so I don’t think Myrna Ballard’s explanation completely explains things. I was invited, although perhaps not by one of the original inviters. Given that even Dr. Perrin said he didn’t know who was on the invitation list, that’s not surprising. Yes, indeed: a meeting to discuss public education, not announced to the public, the local newspaper of record not invited, the document not presented, oh, and hosted by two college presidents while both school superintendents were elsewhere….

Videos are all uploaded now; follow this link.