Eligible for prison road labor

In for a drug offense? Got out but failed a drug test? You may be eligible for a prison road gang!

AP wrote 4 July 2011, GA parolees & road maintenance

Georgia is expanding a pilot program that sanctions some parolees by putting them to work rather than returning them to prison.

The program began in Milledgeville, Gainesville, Columbus and Dalton. This summer it will be expanding to communities across Georgia.

Parolees are eligible if they have committed low-level violations of their supervision requirements, such as the onetime failure of a drug test or curfew violations.

How long will it take before these prisoners are sent to work in fields?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on locking up people for minor drug offenses?

Or maybe prison slave labor is a good way to celebrate July 4th.


PS: Gretchen got this item from Dwight Rewis of Echols County.