Skipper Bridge Road bridge, Withlacoochee River

The old bridge got condemned during the great flood of April 2009.

Lowndes County is rebuilding the bridge over Skipper Bridge Road near the new school site. I think this is using FEMA funds.

It’s not clear that the new Staten Road bridge is high enough

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for a flood like that. It wasn’t quite open at the time. Many other bridges and roads were closed.

Makes you wonder why there is so much flooding that bridges have to be rebuilt higher. Could it be as the AJC noted:

“…development and sprawl, he said: destruction of trees, paving of roads and parking lots, addition of new homes to older areas and landscaping all change the way water drains — or doesn’t drain. ”
In Lowndes County there was 68% increase in impervious cover in Lowndes County from 1991 to 2005. Maybe we should look at the county thoroughfare plan to see where road and bridge projects and the development that follow them are going. Hm, it seems to be missing from the county website. Seems to me more review of that plan would be better than less.