“I have to trust you people” –Ken Garren, former exec. dir., VLCIA, 18 Jan 2011

Former VLCIA Executive Director decides based on rants in the VDT to come say “I trust in you” and “If it turns out to be wrong, then we live with that.”

Ken Garren (Brad Lofton’s predecessor as executive director) speaks in support of the current VLCIA and the biomass plant, 18 Jan 2011.

“I made a decision that although I’m concerned about a lot of things, and I’m concerned about anything….

I have to trust those people who are in those positions will do their homework and make the right decision. Then I will live with that. If it turns out to be wrong, then we live with that.

What bothered me was when I started reading in the paper about the veiled threats. The personal issues. …

When I started reading about veiled threats. When I started reading about people being chastised because they didn’t accept a brochure or some literature. You know, that bothered me.

Then when I read one of the rants about it; they wondered how you folks were chosen. If you don’t know how these people are chosen…. They ought to do their basic homework.

But I’m here tonight to say that: I’ve looked at it; I’ve researched it; I don’t always agree with all the things the authority does… but I trust in you….”

Update 2014-03-31: VDT wrote 3 March 2014 that Garren joined VLCIA after Sterling Chemical came in.

Then he praises Sterling Chemical which came in on his watch, and while Norman Bennett (currently on the VLCIA) was Chairman of the County Commission. See for yourself:

In the current fashion he begins by saying when he first moved here (1965). Is that what’s required these days to be worth listening to? Notice nobody stops the board from talking back and forth with Ken Garren; Jerry Jennett even hands him some material. Apparently only ordinary folks like Bobbi Anne Hancock and me get squelched.

Here is the original assertion of “veiled threats.” Here’s a response to LAKE and a response to Chairman Paulk by Russell Anderson, the person Paulk alleged made such threats. Both of those last two items link to the actual letter that Chairman Paulk claimed contained the “veiled threat.” The alleged “threat”? A “wakeup call”. Looks like former Executive Director Garren should do his homework.

Garren says nobody seems to talk about the Lowe’s Distribution Center. Stay tuned; we’ve got video about that, too. I’d love to see more things like Lowe’s, which bring in a substantial number of local jobs. Even more I’d like to see local industry supported to produce local jobs.

The acre he talks about at the end is related to a land purchase financing deal Moody is proposing; stay tuned.

Video by John S. Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.