Text of letter from Russell Anderson to officials

Can you find a “veiled threat” in the appended letter? LAKE couldn’t.

Some people seem to be forming opinions of that letter without ever having read it. LAKE has published links to a PDF of it from four previous posts: “Far from Over”, “What is Fiery Roots”, Russell Anderson Responds, and “We got off on the wrong foot”. Formerly LAKE only had a PDF of a scan of a paper copy of the email of 3 Jan 2011. Per request, Russell Anderson has sent plain text, which appears below. -jsq


My name is Russell Anderson. I am the Co-Director of Collectiveprogression.org and graduate of Valdosta State. I am writing to inform you of my intent to publish the below piece on our website and to our readership as well as produce a full length documentary about the community struggle against the proposed Wiregrass LLC biomass incinerator. I have you all on this email {Sterling Assets, Langdale’s, Council, Commissioners, Authority, Attorneys} and ALL of you have continued to pass the blame and buck on the building of this plant. Rather than doing the more responsible thing (pending EIS),

like making the plant only solar, you have chosen to pollute the waters, air, and soil at no benefit to anyone but Sterling Assets and the Langdale Family.

..I am most upset with Sterling Assets in all this as they started as a legitimate and “green company” with the support of their subsidiary Sterling Planet. This company and all of you need a wake up call.

It is not my intention to be hostile, however you all must to realize the consequences of your proposed actions and act accordingly.

Furthermore, I request that you look into the facts on this plant and many of the similar projects and struggles against Biomass incinerators happening across the country.

I’ve attached recent testimony I presented to the Board of Commissioners (who passed the buck to the Industrial Authority).

Please review the below and links I’ve provided. If you have anything to respond please do so directly to me at wranders@gmail.com

Russell Anderson

Co-Director, Collectiveprogression.org
The Fiery Roots U.S.A. Project

The recent testimony he mentions can be found through this web page. -jsq