Foxborough Anti-McDonalds Banner

The VDT writes about Foxborough two days in a row:
Several dozen residents of the Foxborough subdivision came to the Lowndes County Commission meeting Tuesday to again express their dismay at the possibility of having a McDonald’s fast food restaurant located by the neighborhood’s entrance.

Resident Pete Candelaria said he has been living in Foxborough for six years and was speaking on behalf of the residents.

Candelario (I believe that’s the actual spelling of his name) provided a list of suggestions to the Commission, which Chairman Paulk addressed, including:
Commission Chairman Ashley Paulk addressed each point requested, saying that the county can’t afford to buy the property and cannot rezone it after a company has already expended funds in the due diligence process or “we’ll end up in federal court.”
It’s interesting how many times I’ve heard commissioners say they can’t do something for fear they’ll be sued. Now in this case, I understand it’s already been rezoned. This kind of response is more general than that.

Also, code enforcement for developers is not commonly noted for its application in this county, but the Foxborough residents now have the Chairman on record that there will be enforcement in this case.

Meanwhile, Vince Schneider put up a sign, and Foxborough got in the news again.