Hildegard’s not closed

Picture by Judy Baxter.
Kay Harris reports in the Valdosta Daily Times:
And it looks like Hildegards in downtown Valdosta is closed, but I’m not sure if it’s temporary or permanent this time.

Really? A reader comments on that story:

Greg Frier 6 hours ago

I want to note that Hildegard’s is not closed.

I am sitting at Hildegards sipping a cup of coffee with another customer and and employee at this time. It’s a shame that after all these years the Valdosta Daily Times doesn’t know to fact check. As a patron of downtown and parishioner of Christ the King it is hard of enough getting support downtown.

Part of Hildegard’s ministry is to feed many of the area’s homeless and we still act as a welcome committee to our community and continue to inspire creativity by allowing artist to preform and share their art in this space. So please in an effort to help business be sure to fact check.

Over on Facebook, Stan White, pastor of Christ the King, remarks:

Today the VDT reported that Hildegard’s had closed. This is NOT true. I have no clue where their info came from – they did not call to confirm their report. I have let the VDT know their report was incorrect. Help me pass the word – Hildegard’s is OPEN and will be OPEN as usual. First Friday was wonderful with a Ja…zz band and a exhibit of three local artist. Come by and have a cup of coffee with me. Peace.

Well, it must have just been some newhire reporter mistake, right? Actually, Kay Harris is a regular columnist. And although the VDT’s web pages don’t appear to say who the editor is, but several sources (such as this http://valdosta.sgaonline.com/contactus/, the website of the VDT’s parent company), say Kay Harris is the Managing Editor. I did try calling the VDT just to be sure, but nobody was available to come to the phone on a Sunday afternoon.

She did say “looks like”. It will be interesting to see if there’s a clarification posted in the VDT.