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Citizen Right Denied Quitman-Brooks County Board of Education —George Boston Rhynes

Received today. -jsq

On May 8th, 2012; at 6:00 PM, I (GEORGE BOSTON RHYNES) was denied the right to address the Quitman-Brooks County School Board of Education. Please not that this was at a public meeting in the State of Georgia under our form of government.

May 14, 2012
George Boston Rhynes
5004 Oak Drive
Valdsota, Georgia 31605

TO: Brooks County School Board of Education
      President Brad Shealy
       School Superintendent Debra H. Folsom
       Board Member Robert Lawrence Cunningham III
       Board Member Mr. Wayne Carroll Jr.,
       Board Member Mr. Gerald Golden
       Board Member Mr. Joseph Luke Mitchell
       Board Member Ms. Dennis Monroe
       Board Member Mr. Frank Thomas
       PO Box 511
      1081 Barwick Road
      Quitman, Georgia 31643

Moreover, my request was to speak before all members of the school board, parents, local press and others that attends such meetings. However, after three e-mails and several phone calls I was denied this right in the State of Georgia; as a Brooks County Family tax paying property owner.

I served my country for over 20 years and have been involved in civil and human righs since 1975 but have never seen such ill treatment of a United States Citizen wherein it is so diffuculy to address ELECTED and/ SELECTED officials within a state. I did not have this much trouble addressing a military school in Ramstein, Germany.

Again my family owns property in Brooks County (43 acreamust) as you will hear on the video below. However this did not matter to the Brooks County President Brad Shealy and those that get requests to address the school board in Quitman and Brooks County Georgia.

I can (only) imagine

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Support Public School education! —Karen Noll

Received today. -jsq

Dear Friends,

After learning abut the for-profit charter school issue from and the tax credits for private school tuition, I interpret today’s VDT articles as part of a political agenda to further dismantle a Georgia Constitutional right to Free Public School Education. Here we are again, let’s paint the schools as failing and then try to legitimize further defunding of the schools. And instead of Free Public Education the students from poor families will continue to get what ever is left when the well-to-do take their large piece of the public school education pie.


It is important that we understand that Free Public Education is clearly being
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