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Remerton Mill demolition –WCTV

Maybe Nina King’s elegy on the sad demolition of Remerton’s Strickland Mill will spur enough people to get involved in the community so next time a monument is threatened with demolition we can find the resources to save it, and we can bring things the community needs now, like fast affordable Internet access for all.

Nina King Greg Gullberg reported for WCTV 11PM News last night, Demolition Of Remerton Mill Has Begun, in which Nina King said:

“Well, it breaks my heart, and it’s so sad. And I don’t understand why anybody would want a historic old building torn down like this.”
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Who are the owners of the Remerton Mill?

Somebody asked:

Who are the owners of the Remerton Mill?
Remerton Mill Map by Lowndes County Tax Assessor database It’s not a secret; some of them are usually at the Remerton City Council meetings that discuss the mill.

According to the Lowndes County Tax Assessor’s database, the owner of the property at 1853 W Gordon Street (aka Old Mill Site) is Remerton Mills, LLC. According to Georgia Secretary of State’s corporation database, the registered agent is Joseph H. Tillman, Sr., its articles were filed by Barry Chapman, and the LLC’s management consists of Richard J. Nijem, Joseph H. Tillman, Sr., Jesse L. Maranville, J. Glenn Gregory, and Eric M. Tillman.

According to the Tax Assessor’s Database, the adjoining property at 1415 Baytree Road is owned by Richard J. Nijem, Jesse L. Maranville, Eric M. Tillman, Joseph H. Tillman, and J. Glenn Gregory: the same people as Remerton Mill, LLC.