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These are crimes —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq

I am so sorry you had to see these offenses, it should have been investigated/viewed by the Sheriffs Dept. or GBI, these are crimes not violations like the GDA says!

I will not give up on this; crimes should be punished as such. I have written many citiznes of lowndes county citations and they have been charged with these crimes by a court of law. No one is above the law including Linda Patelski, but the GDA recognizes these crimes as violations, not crimes or they would have been handled as such. No person should be covered under the umbrella of GDA. After statements have been lost by them (GDA) and then resubmitted it just seems like these crimes are no more important then losing a receipt for gas.

I find that Joe Prichard involving my character in this matter irrelevant and my convictions in court cases involving animal cruelty inhumane treatment and other ordinance violations and state laws speak of my character, over 400 cases brought before magistrate court, municipal court and state court out weigh his personal opinion(s) and one case lose in five years of employment as animal control officer for Lowndes County and I was told to write that citation by my director Linda Patelski for nuisance dog. I have not discredited any employee who works for Lowndes County in these matters… I have told the truth and have documentation to back what I say.

Because I said I have no respect for Joe Prichard in my statement

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Confusing humane care and euthanasia —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq
Back in 09 a horse was found down and could not get up, the sheriffs office helped, lake park fire rescue and Dr. Ali Thornihill was also on the scene, the horse was euthenised, and the owner Clinton Miller also a registered sex offender was written citations it was later
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shelter cat Miss Kitty —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq
Miss Kitty was Lowndes County’s “shelter cat” she free roamed our shelter for more then 7 years, around the beginning of 2010 she started loosing her hair and chewing holes in herself.. and hiding from everyone. She was loosing more hair and bleeding all over paper work and counter where people came to ask about adoptions, she then was stuffed in a dog create with towels
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drug testing —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq
the attached is the drug test every employee had after the GDA turned the statements over to the county manager… he “Joe Prichard” stated some employees were interviewed EVERYONE even Linda was Drug tested… she was the only one that showed concern for the drug test, she stated because she mixed the pentasol she may test positive to the drug. But all employees were certified to euthenis and we get it all over our fingers and some of us have even had the syringes explode from the needles and get in our eyes and mouth and we were not scared of testing positive. And “all” employees were interviewed not “some”! And I might add we all passed! Notice it is also under reasonable suspicion not random…

-Susan Leavens

Graphic horse case —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq
On 05-07-2010 horse was euthenised

This 18 month old Tenn. Walking Horse was refused vet care or euthensia not only by its owner but by my Director as well. I was alerted through 911 dispatch on a Saturday while working. I spoke to my director (Linda) about the colts situation and she advised me she was not going to WASTE COUNTY FUNDS picking him up, euthenising him or disposing of him. Five days later with a Lowndes County deputy and Officer Ronnie Ganas and Dr. Mary Rogers, he was darted (colt was not halter broken) and euthenised; Tifton Diagnostic Lab found a high utensil wire embedded in the left hind leg (pastern) which had severed his deep flexor tendon. PLEASE REMEMBER vet care or euthenising was REFUSED

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hold for safe keeping mother and puppy’s born at the shelter —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq
This puppy was born at the shelter, the mother and litter mate was on hold for “SAFE KEEPING” the owner was in jail and the Director (Linda) removed the dew claws by forcyps and spinning them off, the litter mate to this puppy died at a later date.

-Susan Leavens

The horse from the shelter Ruby —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq
This was Ruby, she was seized from her owner by me because she had a hole in her back and her body condition was a one (1) on the Henneke scale per the American veterinarian standard rating scale. There was no feed or grass/hay on scene. While in the protective custody of Lowndes County Animal Shelter she got maggots in the wound on her back. Ruby also had
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Falsified logs at the animal shelter?

Previously I’ve posted briefly about the notarized statement by Susan Leavens of 5 May 2010. Here is more detail, with pictures. The statement alleges animals smothered, strangled, stabbed in the eye, cut, torn, beaten, slapped, thrown. Improper drug use “who signed this thing?”. Racial profiling and discrimination. Unresponsive county officials and threats from them. Oh, yes, and falsified logs of euthanasia.
“And it was time for the abuse, neglect and deceitfulness to stop.”

Susan Leavens stated:

“On 4/28/2010 I came in from checking traps around 1030 am, I was told while euthenizing a cat, the syringe I was draw pentosol out didn’t matter what mattered was the 10cc syringe, so if it was not enough to euthenize the animal then set it aside it would die. But the 10cc one is the one that needed to come out right. I said “WHAT!” Tim Cook explained that to me he went and got Ryan Curtis and he explained the very same thing, he said even if you don’t have a full cc of pentosol, say it’s a cc on the log because the 10 cc syringe mattered not what we were using to euthenize with! It was very apparent that human[e] euthanasia was not important that the numbers were. This was very disturbing to know we were being made to make the animals suffer because the numbers might be off!”
In the statement she names multiple people she says were witnesses to the falsification of euthanization log entries, and even to the complete rewrite of a log and shredding of the previous copy.

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Animal cruelty does not require malicious intent to be illegal

A blog called Rattlin’ Georgia’s Cages wrote at some unspecified date recently:
I beg to differ with Mr. Pritchard’s opinion regarding “malicious intent”.

Lowndes County Manager Joe Pritchard says, “I don’t believe through our investigation, nor through any info we received from the Department of Ag, are able to indicate any malicious intent.”

Mr. Pritchard should understand that it matters not if this was done with “malicious intent” or not. “Malicous intent” should be determined by the investigating criminal agency, not a county manager. “Malicious Intent” is only important in determining whether the crime should be filed as a felony, or a misdemeanor.

The law is crystal clear regarding the denial of necessary medical care, and/or humane euthanasia, for any animal deemed to be in need of such. Any time a shelter impounds/houses a live animal, the shelter is required, by law, to afford that animal with humane care – to include necessary medical care or treatment.

The blogger then goes on to quote Georgia Code, which only brings in the word “maliciously” for higher fines or imprisonment for aggravated cruelty to animals.

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I am disappointed these matters are being swept under the rug —Susan Leavens

These comments came in yesterday and today on Find out the truth about allegations of animal cruelty and abuse. -jsq


Tomorrow will be a week and I have had no response! Very disappointing.

-Jane Osborn


Mrs. Osborn,

Thank you so much for your support. The County manager and several county employees interviewed all the workers after a drug screen was conducted on all employees back in late august of 2010. Several (4) employees advised the people conducting the investigation (Joe Prichard, Mickey Tillman, Page Dukes and Suzanne Pittman) of the charges brought to the Department of Agriculture. From the

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