These are crimes —Susan Leavens

Received 28 June 2011. -jsq

I am so sorry you had to see these offenses, it should have been investigated/viewed by the Sheriffs Dept. or GBI, these are crimes not violations like the GDA says!

I will not give up on this; crimes should be punished as such. I have written many citiznes of lowndes county citations and they have been charged with these crimes by a court of law. No one is above the law including Linda Patelski, but the GDA recognizes these crimes as violations, not crimes or they would have been handled as such. No person should be covered under the umbrella of GDA. After statements have been lost by them (GDA) and then resubmitted it just seems like these crimes are no more important then losing a receipt for gas.

I find that Joe Prichard involving my character in this matter irrelevant and my convictions in court cases involving animal cruelty inhumane treatment and other ordinance violations and state laws speak of my character, over 400 cases brought before magistrate court, municipal court and state court out weigh his personal opinion(s) and one case lose in five years of employment as animal control officer for Lowndes County and I was told to write that citation by my director Linda Patelski for nuisance dog. I have not discredited any employee who works for Lowndes County in these matters… I have told the truth and have documentation to back what I say.

Because I said I have no respect for Joe Prichard in my statement

to the Department of Agriculture means after I have told everything still he does nothing, I would not discredit him but I do not have to have respect after he disregarded these matters. The chain of command… it must be none the shelter chain of command has two weak links, our director and Lowndes County, that’s why we went to GDA with these issues, That is not disrespectful it is fact. In the memo from Linda is states we are not able to go to outside entities GDA, GBI and the FBI… and we will not be retaliated against, does that mean we will if we go to those entities with crimes?

These are crimes… not internal issues although there are those too. It is against the law and against policy to harass; but employees have been threatened by our own employer Lowndes County. Racial statements and harassment are a few of the other problems incorporated in my statement. Laws not just internal issues! There is an African American man Eric Sharp who is an animal control officer, who has had the lights flickered on an off on him then employee Ryan Curtis and former employee Jacob Fox (now in the military) would say “Where’s Eric, indicating you could only see his teeth in the dark”! Racial harassment, On another occasion Ryan Curtis told Officer Eric Sharp to “SHUT YOUR MOUTH BLACK MAN!” and these matters are not being dealt with either! It is a hostile work environment to say the least! Cruelty, inhumane treatment, falsifying records, destroying records, racial harassment with employees and the public to name a few… tell me were does it all end!

Thank you so much for your involvement in these matters…

Susan Leavens